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Professor Krane
クレイン博士 Dr. Krane
Art from Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Orre
Trainer class Pokémon Professor
Generation III
Games Pokémon XD

Professor Krane (Japanese: クレイン博士 Dr. Krane) is the resident Professor of Orre in Pokémon XD. He lives at the Pokémon HQ Lab in the northwestern portion of the region.

After the Shadow Pokémon incident in Pokémon Colosseum five years earlier, Krane and Michael's father began developing a way to purify Shadow Pokémon at a much quicker pace than Wes had to use, which was done by using the Relic Stone in Agate Village. The fruit of this research was the Purify Chamber, which has nine sets and is the only way to purify Shadow Lugia.

Cipher kidnaps him due to his research on purification. Cipher Admin Lovrina unsuccessfully attempts to persuade him to assist them in fine-tuning XD001. Michael eventually arrives on the scene to save him.

Later in the game, Krane gives Michael a Master Ball. He claims to have been given it because of his research, but that Michael can make better use of it, mirroring Professor Elm's statements when giving the player a Master Ball.

It is unknown if Professor Krane gives out starter Pokémon like the other Pokémon Professors who appear in the games. What is certain, however, is that Michael did not receive his Eevee from Krane; instead, he got it from his father shortly before his death.

His English name may be derived from Strelitzia Reginae or "Crane Flower". He is the first not to be named after a tree.


Pokémon XD demo

Cipher Key Lair
  • If Michael tries to leave the area:
"Hold up, MICHAEL! Where are you wandering off to?"
  • When Michael walks forward to Krane and Aidan:
Hi MICHAEL. I'm glad you came. This is the enemy's facility I mentioned. Apparently, there are SHADOW POKéMON inside."
"SHADOW POKéMON are POKéMON that have been turned into fighting machines after having their hearts locked shy by artificial means."
"We developed the SNAG MACHINE to rescue such SHADOW POKéMON from the clutches of wrongdoers."
"No problem! MICHAEL will catch on soon enough. Just give it a try, and you'll see."
  • After Zook comes down the walkway:
"MICHAEL, it's your time to shine! If a SHADOW POKéMON appears, we need you to snag it. We're depending on you!"
  • After defeating Zook:
"Oh my gosh, AIDAN! So, they did have SHADOW POKéMON with them!"
"This is becoming serious. There may be more inside. We'd better check things."
"MICHAEL, if a SHADOW POKéMON appears, please try to snag it."
  • After defeating Spy Targ:
"MICHAEL! Are you alright?"
"So, how did it go? Did you manage to snag any SHADOW POKéMON?"
"It worries me, though... This place appears to be far more dangerous than I'd imagined."
"We should return to the LAB right away. We need to come up with a plan of action, and fast."
"MICHAEL, it looks like we'll be relying on your help even more. We're counting on you!"

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Prof. Syrus
Germany Flag.png German Prof. Klein
Italy Flag.png Italian Prof. Germano
Spain Flag.png Spanish Prof. Cío

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