Chief Sherles

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Chief Sherles
ヘッジ署長 Chief Hedge
Chief Sherles.png
Chief Sherles in Colosseum
Gender Male
Hometown Pyrite Town
Region Orre
Generation III
Games Pokémon Colosseum, Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Chief Sherles (Japanese: ヘッジ署長 Chief Hedge) is the much-overworked police chief of Pyrite Town. He has the help of Officer Johnson in his job of keeping the crime of the town under control.

In Pokémon Colosseum, Sherles is first seen sitting in his police office, where he warns Wes and Rui of the uncontrollable lawlessness in Pyrite and asks that they leave town for their safety. He also appears to investigate the windmill after Silva steals one of the generator's gears and comments on Silva's motives for doing so. Finally, Sherles appears to arrest Evice and Nascour at Realgam Tower during the ending.

Sherles appears in Pokémon XD, but he plays no significant role aside from being a familiar face. After defeating Snattle, however, he reveals news that Cipher's previous boss, Evice, was only a regional boss, hinting at Greevil's position as Cipher's Grand Master.

After defeating Greevil, Sherles can be found outside the Cipher Key Lair, where he is in the act of arresting the remaining Cipher members.


Pokémon Colosseum

Pyrite Town
"My name's Sherles. I'm the Chief of police in this town. Are you two travelers?"
Yes: "This town's descended into a state of lawless chaos. I couldn't guarantee your safety if anything were to happen."
No: "I see. Well, whether you are or not, it would be best if you were to get out of the town as soon as possible."
  • Windmill Shed
"Chief! Are you all right?!"
  • After defeating Miror B.
"I'm here, Johnson... That story isn't new. I've heard about it over and over already. "
"You two have sure done it! I just got word from one of Duking's people. So, you wiped out Miror B. and his gang. Thank you. On behalf of our whole town, I want to thank you two. But there's also bad news. Headquarters warns that there is a mysterious organization that is plotting world domination. I don't know if it has any connection to Miror B., but you should be careful. Don't do anything reckless."
  • After defeating Dakim
"I'm here, Johnson... That story isn't new. Why are all of your reports so out of date all the time?"
"I reckon that Miror B. was sent by that mystery organization in the first place."
"If my guess is true, there ought to be more of his kind. If I hear anything on my end, I'll surely let you know. You're <player>, right? What's your P★DA number?"
"Okay, got it. You take care!"
  • E-Mail
"Subject: Miror Peon nabbed! <player>, It's Sherles. We've just apprehended a pair of thugs we believe to be Miror B.'s underlings. We may be able to lean on them for information. We have them locked up, so hurry over to Pyrite."
  • Returning to Pyrite Jail
"Hmm... Those suspects we arrested haven't spilled any beans. Not a thing! I reckon they're afraid of payback from their organization. I'll be in touch with you just as soon as I hear anything."

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Pyrite Town
"I'm Sherles, the Chief of Pyrite Police. Are you a traveling Trainer? The town has become peaceful, but there are still plenty of roughnecks around. They know how to keep us busy, what with their brawling and so on. Lots of them will go out of their way to pick a fight with you. Be careful when you're out on the streets."
ONBS Building
"It's amazing. They pulled a caper of this scale so brazenly in broad daylight... if this incident is any indication, it appears certain that Cipher will become even more active in the days to come."


  • Sherles is probably a derivative of "Sherlock Holmes", the famous fictional detective.

In other languages

Language Title
  European French Hubert
  German Herculet
  Italian Massimo Della Pena
  European Spanish Jefe Plácido

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