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セツマ Setsuma
Beluh XD.png
Beluh in Pokémon XD
Gender Female
Hometown Agate Village
Region Orre
Relatives Eagun (husband), Rui (granddaughter)
Generation III
Games Pokémon Colosseum, Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Beluh (Japanese: セツマ Setsuma) is the wife of Eagun and grandmother of Rui. She lives with her husband in a house made of a hollowed-out tree located in Agate Village.

Beluh and Eagun at their home in Colosseum

Beluh is a kind yet fretful old woman who worries when her husband overdoes things. She tends to have a more down to earth personality than Eagun.

Beluh is much more organized than Eagun. She is the one who manages to find the Small Tablet hidden away in their home, it giving the player instructions on how to use the Relic Stone. Beluh also seems to be more capable with technology than her old-fashioned better half. She worries about Rui, but knows her granddaughter must do what is necessary to fight Cipher, rescue the Shadow Pokémon, and restore peace to Orre.

Beluh also appears in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. After the player defeats Lovrina at the Orre Colosseum, she emails him, telling him that the Pokémon in Agate have been muted. The player must help restore their voices, and those of every other Orre overworld Pokémon. Once he has done so, with the help of Dr. Kaminko, she gives the player a Lucky Egg.


Pokémon Colosseum

Eagun's House
"Ah, <partner>! Welcome, welcome! We heard that you were coming, but then you didn't arrive. We were worried about you, dear."
"Oh, how frightful. Thank you so much for saving our granddaughter."
"Outsiders fouling the Relic Forest. That mustn't happen. But I worry for my husband even more so. <partner>, dear! Please, go after him!"
  • After defeating Skrub
"You really had me worried. Please don't do anything so rash and dangerous again."
"Ah, yes! Yes, we did have such a stone tablet. Now, where could I have put it away? Let me go look for it upstairs. It may take time, so please be patient."
"Sorry, dears. I still haven't found it. Now where could I have put it? I'll be sure to find it. Just be patient, please."
  • After speaking to Senilor
"Ah, <partner>! Welcome home. I've finally found the Small Tablet."
"I hope that Small Tablet is something useful to you."
"<partner>, you poor dears. No time to even properly rest. It hardly seems fair..."
  • After defeating Dakim
"Ah, you're home! Are you okay? You're not hurt in any way?"
"Well, thanks to you two, things are back to normal at Mt. Battle."
"They should resume training there right away. <player>, even if it is just once, train at Mt. Battle. I'm sure it will make you even stronger."

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Eagun's House
"Hello, what a darling Trainer you are! I'm Beluh. Did you want something of me?"
"Oh? Eagun, you say? Ah, so you've come calling to see my husband."
"Are you perhaps <player>? Ah, just as I thought! You are <player>! We've been expecting you!"
"We got word about you from Lily, you see. We understand that you want to purify Shadow Pokémon. The instant my husband heard from Lily, why, you should have seen his excitement and enthusiasm."
"Shouting "This calls for my services!" or some such, he went off running to who knows where. He hasn't come back since."
"Oh, hello, dear. Our guest, <player>, has just arrived."
"My husband is so impatient, as you've just seen."'
"In his day, he was hailed as the greatest Trainer. But that's a long time ago. The cave to the Relic Forest is down the slope beside the Pokémon Center. Good luck purifying your Shadow Pokémon!"
  • After defeating Eagun
"About that abduction, dear... didn't you need to mention what Vander saw?"
"For someone so young, you've already shown yourself to be admirable. You have the air of someone who is about to accomplish great things. Oh, dear, I'm sorry. The instincts of an old woman like me aren't anything you could trust."

In other languages

Language Title
  European French Ophélie
  German Yola
  Italian Annosa
  European Spanish Rogelia
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