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ローガン Logan
Gender Male
Hometown Agate Village
Region Orre
Relatives Beluh (wife), Rui (granddaughter)
Trainer class Myth Trainer
Generation III
Games Pokémon Colosseum, Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Eagun (Japanese: ローガン Logan) is the grandfather of Rui and husband of Beluh. Eagun is a very old man with much white hair, a long white beard, and flowing purple robes.

The elder of Agate Village, he considers it his personal duty to protect all of the other senior citizens in Agate, as well as their Pokémon. In his youth, Eagun was one of the greatest Pokémon Trainers in Orre, if not the world. However, once he started to age, he retired and now lives in the base of a large living tree in Agate Village. Despite his age, Eagun is still in excellent shape, being able to easily outrun two healthy people a fraction of his age.

Eagun still keeps the first Pokémon he ever received with him, a Level 50 Pikachu. He also has a collection of other Pikachu, Pichu and Raichu trained to varying levels. Despite his experience and power, Eagun was not able to prevent members of Cipher from invading the Relic Cave in an attempt to destroy Celebi's Relic Stone. A Cipher Peon was able to knock out Eagun's Pikachu using the power of a Shadow Pokémon, a Hitmontop, but Wes and Rui stepped in to stop him.

The old Trainer is highly enthusiastic about Pokémon legends and myths, two of his favorites being Ho-Oh and Celebi. He's also known for having seen a Ho-Oh at least twice in his lifetime. Eagun has trouble with gadgets, especially new technology. He's only just learned to type in his old age. This in particular caused him and others some needless complications. Namely, when trying to inform Wes that he was to give him a Master Ball, he accidentally sent an incomplete message to Wes, causing him and Rui to think he was in serious trouble.

Throughout Pokémon Colosseum, Eagun takes on the role of mentor to Wes, imparting words of wisdom and supplying advice. In Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, he tells Michael where the Relic Stone is and what it can do, and shows him the Orre Colosseum.


Pokémon Colosseum

Eagun uses this Pokémon in his battle against Cipher Peon Skrub.

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

First battle

Second battle


Pokémon Colosseum

Agate Village
  • Eagun's House
"You've finally arrived. What held you up?"
"But why would anyone want to harm <partner>?"
"Shadow Pokémon?! What on earth is that?"
"What?! Who were they?"
"That's enough talk! It can wait! I'm off!"
Relic Forest
"You! Who are you?! What are you doing here?!"
"You're the ones interfering! Shady creeps like you, I'll personally run you out!"
"Don't take me for a fool! I'll have you know I was once hailed the most powerful trainer! That isn't all, either. I have a comrade with whom I've been through thick and thin! This is the first Pokémon I got, and it's been with me ever since! Okay, Pikachu! We haven't battled this much in a while! Let's keep focused!"
  • After defeating Skrub
"I'm fine. But my partner!"
"Ah, you're safe! Good, good. You battled with honor. If your opponent was any ordinary Pokémon, you would have won. So, that was a Shadow Pokémon... <partner>. And <player>, am I right? Thank you for helping us. We should go home for the time being."
Eagun's House
"I'm sorry, dear, but I couldn't very well let them have their way. Those crooks... They said they were out to capture Celebi and destroy the Relic Stone. Hmmm... Why? Might there be a connection between Celebi and Shadow Pokémon?"
"Hmm... Sorry to disappoint you. Oh, yes! Dear, didn't we have a stone tablet? It had something about the Relic carved into it."
"While she's looking, you might try gathering some more information on Celebi, <partner>. Go see an old man named Senilor. He lives near the Poké Mart down the hill. Senilor is the authority when it comes to Celebi. … That is, if he remembers..."
  • After speaking to Senilor
"That is the Small Tablet that has been passed down through our family over many generations. Examine it."
"The Relic must have some effect on Shadow Pokémon. I will leave that for you to determine for yourselves."
"Mt. Battle is to the northeast. You can see it in the distance once you leave the village. Hurry, <partner>!"
  • After defeating Dakim
"Ah, <partner>! And <player>! It's good to see you back. So, how goes it? Have you trounced the cretins that raided Mt. Battle?"
"I expected nothing less of my own granddaughter! And, of course, <player>! Hmhm... I see! So Vander conferred the Time Flute upon you. Then, what are you waiting for? Depart to the Relic Forest and summon Celebi at once. I wonder what will happen. I find it quite exciting. Ah, yes! There's something I'd forgotten! <player>, may I have the number of your PD... uh... thing..."
"Good. I'll try to reach you at this number if anything happens. This makes us pen pals! Hohoho..."
"It would be useful if one could summon Celebi whenever one desired. But that, of course, isn't possible. Luckily, as it is inscribed on the Small Tablet, the Relic in the Relic Forest is imbued with Celebi's power. If a Shadow Pokémon is ready to throw open its heart's door, you must visit the Relic."

In other languages

Language Title
  European French Adelbert
  German Sophos
  Italian Salapuzio
  European Spanish Mauricio

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