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Skrub (Japanese: コワップ Kowap) is a Cipher Peon that appears in Pokémon Colosseum. He is dressed uniquely as compared to most other male Cipher Peons. His uniform is gray rather than the normal light blue and he wears a blue neckerchief. His helmet is also a different shape to the others. He is initially assigned to the command of Cipher Admin Dakim, who sends him to Agate Village to destroy the Relic Stone under the advisement of fellow Cipher Admin Ein, as the Relic Stone had the potential to disrupt Cipher's Shadow Pokémon scheme. Skrub was put in command of three other Cipher Peons for the mission. There, he encounters Wes and is defeated by him, having his Shadow Hitmontop snagged in the process. He flees and is encountered again at Mt. Battle after Wes has defeated Dakim. The Cipher Admin orders Skrub to report to the Shadow PKMN Lab to directly assist Ein.

Once Wes has defeated the six other Cipher Peons in the lab, he encounters Skrub guarding the door to Ein's room. Skrub battles Wes and loses. He flees once more.

After Evice has been defeated, Skrub appears for the last time at Snagem Hideout, being the second Cipher Peon to drop from the ceiling to challenge Wes. He loses again and is not seen further.


In case Hitmontop wasn't snagged during a battle with Skrub, it will replace his Medicham in the next battle.

Cutscene battle

Skrub uses this Pokémon during his cutscene battle with Eagun.

First battle

Second battle

Third battle

This battle can be repeated until Hitmontop has been snagged.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Skrub
  German Eokapar
  Italian Marzio
  Spanish Ígor
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