Spy (Trainer class)

謎の戦闘員 Mystery Combatant
Spy Naps as he appears in Pokémon XD
Other names Mystery Troop (Colosseum)
Introduced in Generation III
Appears in Colosseum, XD
Gender Male*
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Notable members Bluno, Rosso, Verde, Naps
Anime debut
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A Spy (Japanese: 謎の戦闘員 Mystery Combatant), also known as Mystery Troop, is a type of Pokémon Trainer that first debuted in the Generation III games, appearing in Pokémon Colosseum and XD.

In Pokémon Colosseum, they are multicolored troopers in helmets resembling Sentai characters, with teams that generally match their colors. This class refers to three Trainers—Bluno, Rosso, and Verde—who each have an evolved Shadow Johto starter Pokémon. Near the beginning of the game, the player selects one of the three to fight and the other two appear later, after beating the game.

In Pokémon XD, the only character with the Trainer class Spy is Naps. Cipher Peons encountered in the Pokemon XD demo that was playable at certain retail stores used the "Spy" Trainer class as well; this was likely done to avoid spoiling the plot of the game.

The names "Mystery Troop" or "Spy" come from the fact that upon first meeting them, the player has not heard the term "Cipher" so he has no idea what organization they belong to. In later battles, they appear under the Trainer class "Cipher Peon".



Verde's VS sprite
from Colosseum
Rosso's VS sprite
from Colosseum
Bluno's VS sprite
from Colosseum

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Pokémon Colosseum

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In other languages

Mystery Troop

Language Title
  French Guer. Myst.
  German Mysterysoldat
  Italian Soldato X
  Spanish Miembro Peña


Language Title
  French Espion
  German Spion
  Italian Spia
  Spanish Espía

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