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Reason: Shadow Lugia and Bonsly menu sprites, unused map images.

This article lists the unused content of the Generation III Side series Pokémon XD that has been discovered by data-mining the ROMs.


Early Starter Pokémon

Within the files for Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness; there is data for a level 26 Jolteon and level 30 Vaporeon meant to be used as Starter Pokémon that go completely unused. They can only be brought back into the game via modifying the game files.

Unused Pokémon Menu Graphics

Shadow Lugia and Bonsly both have two copies of the same menu sprite.

Shadow Lugia has a secondary menu placeholder icon meant for Shiny Pokémon that is an exact copy of its normal menu icon. When encountered or sent out, despite no change in appearance; Shadow Lugia will display the shiny Pokémon encounter entrance. Once purified, Shadow Lugia if it was shiny will display as a regular shiny Lugia.

Bonsly cannot be legitimately in the player character's party and cannot be shiny but has two menu sprites like Shadow Lugia does.[1]

Unused Map Descriptions

Some places in the game contain unused map descriptions in the game data.

Location Description
The Under "An abandoned underground town."
Dark Colosseum* "A Colosseum built on Citadark Isle."

Unobtainable Shiny Celebi

For the sake of consistency and to prevent game crashes if they are hacked into the game, every Pokémon has a shiny variant. However, as Celebi was distributed only through the Japanese Pokémon Colosseum bonus disc and locked to never be shiny, it is impossible to legitimately obtain a shiny Celebi.

Unobtainable items

Main article: List of unobtainable items → In XD

Pokémon XD contains an unused key and several unfinished or unused Battle CDs. There are also some items that have descriptions but no legitimate way to be hacked into the game as models or sprites for the items were never made meaning they were very likely scrapped very early in the development of the game.

Unused Maps

There are a few areas in the game data that either act as spawn locations or go completely unused.


B1 is a map not called for or used anywhere within the game but looks very similar to the rooms of the S.S. Libra. The player character spawns in the center of the room. If a player jumps off the ledge, no jumping animation is played and Wes immediately teleports straight to the floor. There is no way to exit the room and no music plays.


This map spawns the player in front of the jukebox inside the Outskirt Stand. No music plays, all NPC are absent, no events occur, and there is no way to exit the area.


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