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Pokémon Platinum, like other solitary versions of the core series games, contains less pre-release information because it is based on the previous paired versions of the generation. Likewise, few things changed in comparison to Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.



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Reason: Pre-release screenshots, whether officially available or taken from official video footage, of the other sprites (Giratina, etc.)
Garchomp's earlier sprite

A prototype front sprite of Garchomp can be seen in an early Japanese trailer for the game, titled Pocket Monsters: Platinum—Game Introduction Movie (Japanese: ポケットモンスタープラチナ:ゲーム紹介ムービー).[1]



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Battle Park

The Battle Park in Platinum

In Pokémon Platinum, the Battle Park appears as a leftover map in the internal data. It has index number 0x0142, like in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

The Battle Tower's exterior matches the one at the Battle Frontier, including the lack of shadow, and the building's warps have been removed. The prize lists in the Exchange Service Corner are unchanged and are visually the same as the ones at the Battle Frontier's Exchange Service Corner. The Battle Park's gate was replaced with the Battle Frontier's gate but the non-player characters remain unaltered given their positioning in the map; their events as well as the warps inside the gate have also been removed.

The event where the player first meets Palmer is still present. The Razor Fang also remains.

Distortion World

There are 9 unused maps of the Distortion World in the data of the game's ROM. They use the regular camera angle and not the special one used in the final Distortion World.

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An earlier sprite for Giratina's Origin Forme appeared in several pre-release screenshots. An unused animation frame for the final sprite has also been found in the internal data. Unused sets of sprites for Shaymin's Land Forme as well as prototype sprites for the items which change Rotom's forms are also present.





Unused Land Forme Shaymin sprite Unused animation frame for the sprite of Alternate Forme Giratina Unused Origin Forme Giratina sprite Unused sprites for Rotom's form-changing items


In addition to Pokémon Platinum's exclusive tracks, all unused tracks found in the internal data of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl are also present.


The unused items discovered in the internal data of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl are still present in Pokémon Platinum, but with additional unused items as well. Additionally, two key items that were used in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl but have no use in Pokémon Platinum are still present in the game's data:

Debugging features

Leftover dialogue within the internal data provides further details on how the game developers might have debugged the game. For instance, such text refers to features such as a Sound test and an option to modify the real-time clock (RTC).


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