Robo Kyogre

The Robo Kyogre (Japanese: メカ・カイオーガ Mecha Kyogre) is a robotic Kyogre created by Dr. Kaminko and Chobin in Pokémon XD. It was considered an ongoing project until the player beats Chobin in the Robo Groudon. After Robo Groudon's defeat, Dr. Kaminko aborts the Robo Pokémon project, and tells Makan to haul it away. Chobin keeps the Robo Groudon for himself after Dr. Kaminko lets him have it.

Robo Kyogre
Makan observing the incomplete Robo Kyogre


When it is first encountered, the Robo Kyogre is located in Dr. Kaminko's basement. It can be viewed there until Robo Groudon is defeated. When the Robo Groudon project fails, the Robo Kyogre project is canceled with it, and Dr. Kaminko hands it over to Makan. It is then taken to Gateon Port, where Makan takes an interest in it and works to get it running. After he gets it working it serves to allow the player to get to Citadark Isle to defeat Cipher. When the player talks to Kaminko again, he will tell him about the Robo Kyogre. It is at this time that Dr. Kaminko claims that the Robo Kyogre was created to be fast enough to ride through the violent currents that surround the island.


The Robo Kyogre and the Luxo Cruiser are the only two sea craft that are capable of traveling to Citadark Isle without being inhibited by violent currents or blinding the riders by the thick fog. The Robo Kyogre's design resembles the Legendary Pokémon Kyogre even less than the Robo Groudon resembles a real Groudon. Robo Kyogre has a large, spacious cockpit covered up by a large windscreen. On the back are eight long yellow tubes that use jet propulsion to make the Robo Kyogre achieve high speeds. Robo Kyogre's flippers each have circular rotating mechanisms that spin when the Robo Kyogre is in motion. Its flippers fold to its sides facing up when Robo Kyogre is in a port.


  • Before Robo Groudon is defeated, Robo Kyogre can be seen in the bottom of the basement of Dr. Kaminko's house.
  • This is the only one of Dr. Kaminko's inventions that actually serves a useful purpose.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Robo-Kyogre
  German Robo-Kyogre
  Italian Kyogre Robot
  Spanish Robo Kyogre

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