S.S. Prime Treasure

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S.S. Prime Treasure プライム・トレジャー
Prime Treasure
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
S.S. Prime Treasure DET.png
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Location: Ryme City
Region: Ryme City
Generations: VI/VII

Location of S.S. Prime Treasure in Ryme City.
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The S.S. Prime Treasure (Japanese: プライム・トレジャー Prime Treasure) is a luxury cruise ship in the game Detective Pikachu. It is visiting Ryme City to observe the annual Pokémon Carnival. Most of Chapter 8 takes place here.


Alolan Rattata
Brionne (×2)
Cinccino (×2)
Frillish (×4)
Krokorok (×2)
Wingull (×3)


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 貴寶號 Gwaibóu Houh
Mandarin 貴寶號 Guìbǎo Hào *
至宝号 Zhìbǎo Hào *
  French Prime Treasure
  German MS Prime Treasure
  Italian Prime Treasure
  Spanish Prime Treasure

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