VSTAR Starter Sets (TCG)

Lucario Darkrai VSTAR Starter Sets.jpg
Collective box art
Release date February 25, 2022
Coin SLL Gold Lucario Coin.png/SLD Gold Darkrai Coin.png

The Lucario VSTAR Starter Set (Japanese: スターターセットVSTAR ルカリオ) and Darkrai VSTAR Starter Set (Japanese: スターターセットVMAX ダークライ) are a pair of Japanese Pokémon Trading Card Game decks that were released on February 25, 2022.


Available alongside the Japanese Battle Region subset were two 60-card pre-constructed starter sets that focused on the Aura Pokémon Lucario and the Mythical Pitch-Black Pokémon Darkrai. Each starter set portrays the titular Pokémon on Pokémon V and Pokémon VSTAR cards and are accompanied by a selection of supporting Trainer cards, Special Energy cards, and other similarly-typed Pokémon. Each set also comes packaged with a sheet containing 36 damage counters and 2 status markers, a player's guide, a coin, a VSTAR marker, and a playmat.

These Starter Sets were also released in Traditional Chinese on March 3rd, 2022 and Korean on May 4th, 2022.

Deck lists

Lucario VSTAR Starter Set
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
001/021 F Scyther  
002/021 F Meditite  
003/021 F Medicham  
004/021 F Lucario   
005/021 F Lucario   
006/021 F Landorus  
007/021 F Rockruff  
008/021 F Falinks  
009/021 F Kleavor  
010/021 D Crobat   
011/021 F Gutsy Pickaxe I
012/021 D Quick Ball I
013/021 F Ultra Ball I
014/021 F Switch I
015/021 F Choice Belt I
016/021 E Shauna Su
017/021 F Barry Su
018/021 F Cynthia's Ambition Su
019/021 F Professor's Research Su
020/021 F Boss's Orders Su
021/021 F Double Turbo Energy   E
FIG Fighting Energy   E 12×

Darkrai VSTAR Starter Set
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
001/020 D Crobat   
002/020 F Murkrow  
003/020 F Honchkrow  
004/020 F Hisuian Qwilfish  
005/020 F Hisuian Overqwil  
006/020 F Seviper  
007/020 F Darkrai   
008/020 F Darkrai   
009/020 F Inkay  
010/020 F Hoopa  
011/020 D Quick Ball I
012/020 F Dark Patch I
013/020 F Ultra Ball I
014/020 D Pokégear 3.0 I
015/020 F Switch I
016/020 E Shauna Su
017/020 F Barry Su
018/020 F Cynthia's Ambition Su
019/020 F Professor's Research Su
020/020 F Boss's Orders Su
DAR Darkness Energy   E 16×

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