Team Rainbow Rocket

If you were looking for the character with the Trainer class "Team Rainbow Rocket", see Giovanni.
Team Rainbow Rocket
レインボーロケット団 Rainbow Rocket-dan
Rainbow Rocket logo.png
Ultra Sun Ultra Moon Team Rainbow Rocket.png
Artwork of Team Rainbow Rocket from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
Leader Giovanni
Region Alola
Admins Maxie, Archie, Cyrus, Ghetsis, Lysandre
Major targets Festival Plaza, Aether Paradise, Pokémon multiverse
Base locations Aether Paradise

Team Rainbow Rocket (Japanese: レインボーロケット Rainbow Rocket-dan, literally Rainbow Rocket Gang), also known as Team RR (Japanese: RR RR-dan, literally RR Gang), or just simply Team Rocket (Japanese: ロケット Rocket-dan, literally Rocket Gang), is a villainous team that appeared in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon's Episode RR story.

Team Rainbow Rocket is a restructured version of Team Rocket, which aims to conquer the multiverse instead of just taking over a single world. It is made up of various villainous team leaders from alternate universes.

In the core series games

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Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Team Rainbow Rocket first appears during the Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon post-game when the organization takes over Festival Plaza and turns it into their virtual base. With the help of Sophocles, the player drives Team Rainbow Rocket out of the plaza. However, immediately afterwards, the organization takes over Aether Paradise with the help of Faba, who sides with Team Rainbow Rocket in an attempt to further his own career, transforming Lusamine's mansion into Team Rocket's Castle and taking the Aether Foundation president hostage. This starts Episode RR.

After defeating the traitorous Faba with the help of Lillie, the player starts infiltrating Team Rocket's Castle. During their infiltration, the player encounters villainous team leaders whom Team Rainbow Rocket has summoned from alternate worlds where they had succeeded in their respective goals via Ultra Wormholes. Each of these leaders wields a Legendary Pokémon they managed to catch while fulfilling their plans. The player battles and defeats these leaders one by one, each providing them with a method to continue further into the castle. Finally, the player comes face to face with Team Rainbow Rocket's leader, Giovanni, who reveals that Team Rainbow Rocket took over the Aether Foundation in order to access their research data and technology on other worlds, with the intention of building themselves an army of Ultra Beasts and conquering the multiverse. After the player beats Giovanni, he will accept his defeat and leave, allowing Colress to restore the mansion to its original state and also send everyone back to their original worlds. As punishment for his treachery, Faba is demoted to intern.

Afterwards, Giovanni is seen teleporting to another world, intending to continue his evil schemes in a different reality.

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In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Giovanni appears as the leader of Team Rainbow Rocket in Pokémon Masters EX. During the Villain Arc, the organization serves to manipulate the other villainous teams for Team Rocket's benefit. Ultimately, other villainous organizations form an alliance to stop Giovanni's plans from succeeding.



Language Name Origin
Japanese レインボーロケット団 Rainbow Rocket-dan From rainbow and ロケット団 Rocket-dan (Team Rocket)
English, French
German, Italian
Team Rainbow Rocket Same as Japanese name
Korean 레인보우로켓단 Rainbow Rocket-dan Same as Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 彩虹火箭隊 / 彩虹火箭队 Cǎihóng Huǒjiàn Duì From 彩虹 cǎihóng (rainbow) and 火箭隊 / 火箭队 Huǒjiàn Duì (Team Rocket)
Chinese (Cantonese) 彩虹火箭隊 Chóihùhng Fójin Déui From 彩虹 chóihùhng (rainbow) and 火箭隊 Fójin Déui (Team Rocket)
Czech Team Rainbow Rocket
Tým Rainbow Rocket
Same as English name
Literally "Team Rainbow Rocket"
Hungarian Team Rainbow Rocket
Rainbow Rocket csapat
Szivárvány Rakéta Csapat
Same as English name
Same as English name
Literally "Team Rainbow Rocket"
Polish Team Rainbow Rocket
Drużyna Rainbow Rocket*
Same as English name
Brazilian Portuguese Equipe Rainbow Rocket Same as Japanese name
European Portuguese Equipa Rainbow Rocket*
Team Rainbow Rocket*
Same as Japanese name
Russian Команда Радужная Ракета Komanda Raduzhnaya Raketa Literally "Team Rainbow Rocket"

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