Celestic Town Historical Research Center

Celestic Town Historical Research Center
Kannagi Town Historical Research Institute
Celestic museum.png
Celestic Town Historical Research Center
Region Sinnoh
Debut Losing its Lustrous!

The Celestic Town Historical Research Center (Japanese: カンナギタウンの歴史研究所 Kannagi Town Historical Research Institute) is an anime-exclusive building located in Celestic Town in Sinnoh. Cynthia's grandmother, Professor Carolina, is the head of the Research Center while Cyrus was a donor and funded research for his own exploits.

Inside the Research Center

The Research Center was built near the Celestic Ruins, where archaeologists discovered the Lustrous Orb prior to Top-Down Training !. It contains an elaborate library and numerous artefacts related to Sinnoh mythology. Inside the Research Center are stone tablets and the small fresco involving the legend of the lake guardians. Portraits of Dialga and Palkia can also be seen here.

The Adamant Orb was supposed to be brought to the Research Center from the Eterna Historical Museum so that the two Pokémon of Myth orbs could be studied together, but it was stolen by Team Galactic in Losing Its Lustrous!. Team Galactic also stole the Lustrous Orb in Double Team Turnover!, and partially destroyed the Celestic Ruins during the heist.

Team Galactic were later disbanded in The Battel Finale of Legend!, and the stolen Adamant and Lustrous Orbs were recovered to be put on display at the Celestic Town Historical Research Center.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Musée de Célestia
  Italian Centro Ricerche di Memoride
  Polish Centrum Badań Historycznych Miasta Celestic
  Spanish Centro de investigación histórica de Caelestis

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