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Metagross Mountain
Metagross Mountain.png
Metagross Mountain cliff
Region Sinnoh
Debut Noodles! Roamin' Off!

Metagross Mountain is an anime-exclusive location in the Sinnoh region. It appeared in Noodles! Roamin' Off!.

Metagross Mountain is a mountain well-known for having a dangerous off-colored Metagross. Indeed, multiple people have vanished on Metagross Mountain trying to catch its namesake Metagross, despite a sign placed near the base of the mountain warning people of its dangers.

The mountain's foothills is home to a town whose biggest attraction is the flagship location of a chain of ramen shops.

James foolishly hiked up the mountain, upset after Jessie and Meowth left to pursue their dreams. He challenged the Shiny Metagross to a battle, though was quickly overwhelmed. Jessie and Meowth later intervened, however the trio were soon blasted off by the Metagross.

Pokémon seen on Metagross Mountain

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