Alamos Town

Alamos Town
アラモスタウン Alamos Town
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Alamos Town
Region Sinnoh
Debut The Rise of Darkrai

Alamos Town (Japanese: アラモスタウン Alamos Town) is an anime-exclusive location in the Sinnoh region and the setting of The Rise of Darkrai. It is known for the works of architect Godey, which include the Space-Time Towers.

According to promotional maps, Alamos Town is located northwest of Oreburgh City and northeast of Jubilife City, near the Ravaged Path. The main part of the town is on top of a large mesa in the middle of a lake. There is a bridge connecting the mesa to the mainland. The area around Alamos Town is heavily wooded with many hills and plateaus.

Alamos Town is the hometown of Alice, Tonio, and Baron Alberto. Many Pidgey and Rattata can be seen roaming around town, and the local garden is home to a number of wild Pokémon, including the Mythical Darkrai.

In the anime

Alamos Town in another dimension

Ash and his friends decided to visit Alamos Town because Dawn wanted to participate in the local Pokémon Contest. However, while on their way there they took the wrong road and ended up on a hill on the opposite side of town, away from the bridge that connects the mainland to the mesa where the town is located. Luckily for them, Alice offered them a ride on her hot-air balloon and later took them on a tour around town.

After getting injured by Dialga's Roar of Time during a battle with it in the Unown Dimension, Palkia fled to Alamos Town to recover. It transported the town to a newly created dimension, which prevented townspeople from leaving, and hid above the Space-Time Towers. Eventually, Dialga found Palkia's hiding and decided to continue their battle, which nearly destroyed the entire town despite Darkrai's efforts to stop them.

It was revealed in Arceus and the Jewel of Life that the two Legendary Pokémon were fighting due to distortions in both Dialga's world and Palkia's world caused by Arceus's imminent awakening. Darkrai tried multiple times to end the battle between Dialga and Palkia, but it was unsuccessful, and their rage only subsided when Ash and Dawn placed the Oración disk on the Space-Time Towers' music machine. After the song soothed them and healed Palkia's shattered pearl, Palkia returned Alamos Town to its proper dimension.

Alamos Town appeared in the "World of Pokémon" intro in Giratina and the Sky Warrior, as well as in a flashback in which Newton Graceland observed the battle between Dialga and Palkia through a portal in the Reverse World. It then made two brief reappearances in Arceus and the Jewel of Life. After observing disruptions in the Time-Space Axis, Sheena and Kevin traveled to Alamos Town and were present at its plateau when Palkia returned the town to its proper dimension. Later on, during the ending credits, a brief update on Alice, Tonio, Baron Alberto, and Darkrai is shown. Alamos Town also appeared in I Choose You!, which is set in a timeline different from the main series.

Places of interest

Contest Hall

Inside the Alamos Town Contest Hall
Main article: Contest Hall

Located within the Space-Time Towers, the Alamos Town Contest Hall is unlike many modern buildings that host Pokémon Contests in that it has several rows of seats at stage level in addition to a sloped seating area. It was visited by Ash and his friends while Alice was guiding them around town.

Sporting a dress different from the one she normally wears when competing, as well as white boots and a pink-colored headpiece, Dawn entered the Alamos Contest along with fellow Pokémon Coordinators Allegra, Kai, and Maury. She managed to clear the Performance Stage, but ended up losing a match where her Piplup faced off against Allegra's Infernape in the Battle Stage. It is unknown if she lost at the semifinal or final round, but she and Kai are shown behind Allegra when she is lifting the Alamos Ribbon in celebration of her victory.

Godey's Garden

Godey's Garden, named after its architect Godey, is a park inhabited by many wild Pokémon and Alice's favorite part of town. According to Brock's travel guide, the park was designed with a theme of nature, people, and Pokémon living in harmony. This is reflected in the abundance of greenery and water fountains.

It is the place where Alicia first met Darkrai, after finding it resting underneath a tree after it was attacked by a Roserade, a Kirlia, and a Luxray that were feeling threatened due to its presence. After helping the Pitch-Black Pokémon recover from its injuries and telling it that the park was meant for everyone, Darkrai decided to live there.

It has a play area for Pokémon complete with a playground slide, a seesaw, and swings.

Pokémon Center

Main article: Pokémon Center

Many Trainers took their Pokémon to the Alamos Town Pokémon Center after Darkrai put them to sleep by using Dark Void to defend itself from their attacks.

Space-Time Towers

Main article: Space-Time Towers

The town's centerpiece is the Space-Time Towers, which were designed by Godey one hundred years ago. The tower on the right symbolizes time and has angular sculptures that correspond to Dialga's diamond, while the tower on the left symbolizes space and has rounded sculptures that correspond to Palkia's pearls.

The Alamos Town Contest Hall is located in its interior, while outside in between the towers there is a music room equipped with a unique music device where special disks can be placed to allow a song to be played. This makes the towers the world's largest musical instrument.


Space-Time Towers Contest Hall Godey's Garden Pokémon Center


The cliffs surrounding Alamos Town
  • The town's name is the Spanish word for poplar, álamos.
  • The only Shellos that appears in the movie is of the East Sea variety, although Alamos Town is actually on the west side of Mt. Coronet.
  • The Darkrai distributed in the United States, as well as the ones distributed in the European countries, had the OT "ALAMOS", a reference to the tenth movie Darkrai's appearance in Alamos Town.


Alamos Town is based on Granada and Barcelona in Spain.

Flamenco dancing is featured in The Rise of Darkrai. Flamenco is characteristic of Spain on the whole, but especially Southern Spain, such as the Province of Granada. The mountains that can be seen on the background landscape are based on the Sierra Nevada in the Province of Granada, Spain and Macizo de Montserrat in the Province of Cataluña, Spain.

The Space-Time Towers and Godey's Garden are based on the Sagrada Família and Parque Güell, located in Barcelona, Spain. Both the cathedral and the park were designed by Antoni Gaudí, just as the towers and the garden in Alamos Town were designed by Godey, who, along with his descendant Tonio, are based on the Catalan architect.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 白楊鎮 Báiyáng Zhèn
  Danish Alamos Town
  Dutch Alamos Town
  Finnish Alamos Town
  French Alamos
  German Alamos Town
  Italian Alamos Town
  Korean 아라모스 마을 Alamos Maeul
  Norwegian Alamos Town
  Polish Miasto Alamos
Portuguese   Brazil Cidade Alamos
  Portugal Cidade Álamos
  Spanish Pueblo Álamos
  Swedish Alamos Town

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