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Lake Psyduck
Lake Psyduck.png
Lake Psyduck
Region Sinnoh
Debut The Psyduck Stops Here!

Lake Psyduck is an anime-exclusive location in Sinnoh featured in The Psyduck Stops Here!. It is located between Solaceon Town and Celestic Town.

The lake appears to be shaped like a Psyduck's flipper. It is also surrounded by many kinds of Berries.

Several Psyduck retreated from the lake after a group of Muk took over, forcing them to block a road so that three Psyduck Eggs could hatch without disturbance. Ash and his friends helped in driving the Muk away so that the Psyduck and their new Psyducklings could return to the lake and stop blocking the road. The Muk were sent flying and land in a nearby lake, which was polluted and home to other Muk.

Pokémon seen around Lake Psyduck

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