B-Button League

B-Button League
ビーボタン同盟 B-Button Alliance
B Button League HQ.png
B-Button League Headquarters
Region Sinnoh
Debut Ya See We Want An Evolution!

The B-Button League (Japanese: ビーボタン同盟 B-Button Alliance) is an organization in the Pokémon anime whose members aim to raise Pokémon to be incredibly strong and beautiful without undergoing Evolution. It is headquartered in Jubilife City, Sinnoh. It was featured in Ya See We Want An Evolution!.


Oralie and Haley

The B-Button League is a group of Pokémon Coordinators that compete for the Top Coordinator spot without evolving their Pokémon. The members of the organization believe that Pokémon Evolution isn't the only way to achieve ultimate strength and beauty. They concentrate on strengthening and beautifying their Pokémon without going through Evolution. The organization seems to be centered around particularly weaker Pokémon such as Magikarp and Feebas. There are two known members of the B-Button League. They are Haley, the leader, and her younger sister Oralie.

Ash and his friends visited the B-Button League while on their way to Eterna City. During their visit, Oralie battled Dawn and Ash with her Magikarp, defeating Dawn's Piplup and drawing with Ash's Pikachu.

Team Rocket, disguised as members of a fake organization known as the "C-Button League", stole Haley's Feebas and Oralie's Magikarp so as to attempt to evolve them along with Pikachu with the Poké-Evolution Machine One they bought from the Magikarp salesman. They held an idea that these already powerful Pokémon would become even stronger after undergoing Evolution, in which they would be given to their boss. However, the machine did not work, due to Team Rocket not reading the instructions, which stated that they had to wait one week first, or the device would result in total failure. Jessie, James, and Meowth then attempted to transform their machine into a giant robot, which also failed due to the fact the robot had to have made one successful Evolution before being able to transform. After this they were blasted off by the two powerful Water-type Pokémon, and Ash, Dawn, and Brock left.




  • The B-Button League is a reference to the in-game technique to stop Pokémon from evolving; a player may prevent a Pokémon from evolving by level-up by pressing the B button before the Evolution is complete. This was the only way to keep a Pokémon from evolving by level-up until the introduction of the Everstone in Generation II.

In other languages

Language Title
  Finnish B-nappiliiga
  French Club des Boutons B
  German B-Gruppen-Liga
  Italian Lega della B
  Korean B버튼동아리 B Button Dongari
  Polish Liga B
  Brazilian Portuguese Liga da Base B
  Spanish Liga Botón B

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