Neighborly Town

Neighborly Town
トナリノタウン Tonarino Town
Neighborly Town Contest Hall.png
Neighborly Town Contest Hall
Region Sinnoh
Debut Teaching The Student Teacher!

Neighborly Town (Japanese: トナリノタウン Tonarino Town) is an anime-exclusive location in Sinnoh. Like many other towns in the region, it is home to a Contest Hall. It was featured in Teaching the Student Teacher!.

Top Coordinator Johanna was invited to join Mr. Contesta and Mr. Sukizo in the panel of judges for the town's Pokémon Contest because the local Nurse Joy was taking care of too many Pokémon and would not be able to attend.

Jessilina was among the several Coordinators participating in the Neighborly Contest, which was one of the seven remaining Pokémon Contests to be held before the Sinnoh Grand Festival following Marian's announcement in Fighting Ire with Fire!. She made it all the way to the finals and was able to win the event, earning her fourth Ribbon with the help of her Seviper.


Language Name Origin
Japanese トナリノタウン Tonarino Town Literally translates to "neighboring town"
English Neighborly Town From neighbor
French Voisinville From voisin, neighbor
German Nachbarstadt From Nachbar, neighbor
Italian Amicopoli From amico, friend
Spanish Pueblo Vecino From vecino, neighbor
Chinese (Mandarin) 鄰之鎮 Lín-zhī Zhèn From 鄰 lín / lèuhn, neighboring
Chinese (Cantonese) 鄰之鎮 Lèuhn-jī Jan
Polish Neighborly From its English name

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