Brussel Town

Brussel Town
メキャベツタウン Mekyabetsu Town
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Brussel Town
Region Sinnoh
Debut Double-Time Battle Training!

Brussel Town (Japanese: メキャベツタウン Mekyabetsu Town) is an anime-exclusive location in Sinnoh. It is situated somewhere between Mt. Coronet and Sunyshore City. Like many other towns in the region, it has a Contest Hall, which makes it a popular destination among Pokémon Coordinators. It was featured in Double-Time Battle Training!.

Places of interest

The Brussel Ribbon

Contest Hall

Main article: Contest Hall

Ash, Dawn, and Brock visited the town's Contest Hall to watch Zoey participating in the local Pokémon Contest. They arrived there late and were only able to see the final round, where Zoey faced off against a Coordinator named Rebecca. Using her Glameow against Rebecca's Shuckle, Zoey had trouble dealing with the Mold Pokémon's Withdraw. Eventually, Glameow managed to make its opponent come out of its shell with Shadow Claw and knock it out with Iron Tail. As a result, the Contest Judges ruled Battle Off for Shuckle, thus Zoey was declared the winner of the match.

After the battle, the Director of the Contest Committee, Mr. Contesta, awarded Zoey with the Brussel Ribbon, her fifth Contest Ribbon overall, which qualified her to compete in the Grand Festival. Zoey then asked him if she could say a few words, using the opportunity to thank her longtime friend Candice for her continued support. It was later revealed that Jessilina had also entered the Brussel Contest, but the position she finished in is unknown.

Pokémon Center

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After Zoey's victory, Candice threw a party at the local Pokémon Center to celebrate her friend's entry into the Sinnoh Grand Festival. In the next day, both Zoey and Candice helped Dawn practice a new combination that she intended to use in the Daybreak Contest, which would follow the Double Performance format. Zoey and Dawn later had a Double Battle, with Zoey using her Leafeon and Kirlia against Dawn's Mamoswine and Cyndaquil. Zoey emerged victorious after Dawn's Pokémon were knocked out.


Contest Hall Pokémon Center
Exterior Interior


Language Name Origin
Japanese メキャベツタウン Mekyabetsu Town From 芽キャベツ mekyabetsu, Brussels sprout
English Brussel Town From Brussels sprout
French Brussalia From Brussels sprout
German Kohlstadt From Kohl, cole crops
Italian Brusselopoli From Brussels sprout
Spanish Pueblo Repollo* From repollo, cabbage
Pueblo Brusela* From brusela, bigleaf periwinkle
Brazilian Portuguese Cidade Brussel From its English name
Chinese (Mandarin) 芽甘藍鎮 Yágānlán Zhèn From 芽甘藍 yágānlán, Brussels sprout
Chinese (Cantonese) 芽甘藍鎮 Ngàhgāmlàahm Jan From 芽甘藍 ngàhgāmlàahm, Brussels sprout
Polish Miasto Brussel From its English name

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