Dandelion Island

Dandelion Island
タンポポ島 Tanpopo Island
Dandelion Island.png
Dandelion Island
Region Sinnoh
Debut Bucking the Treasure Trend!

Dandelion Island (Japanese: タンポポ島 Tanpopo Island) is an anime-exclusive location in Sinnoh, which is nearby Lily of the Valley Island. It appeared in Bucking the Treasure Trend!.

The island is covered with mountainous and forest terrain. Dandelion Island is most often visited as a restock point for ships in the town on the southern coast of the island. People who actually venture onto the interior of the island to explore are viable to run into Pokémon set as traps such as Voltorb, Pineco, Vileplume, and Graveler, along with Gloom and Golem that don't appear on the island's treasure maps. These Pokémon guard a set of ruins, wherein lies a Claydol guarding some ancient pottery.

When Ash's friends, en route to the Lily of the Valley Island, along with Buck, arrived at these ruins, Team Rocket set off the trap, triggering the Claydol's emergence. Buck later caught this Claydol and discovered the ancient pottery it was guarding.

Pokémon seen on Dandelion Island

Voltorb (multiple)
Pineco (multiple)
Gloom (multiple)
Vileplume (multiple)
Graveler (multiple)

Caught Pokémon

Buck's Claydol


Language Name Origin
Japanese タンポポ島 Tanpopo Island From 蒲公英 tanpopo, dandelion
English Dandelion Island From dandelion
French Ile des Pissenlits From pissenlits, dandelion
German Löwenzahninsel From Löwenzahn, dandelion
Italian Isola del Soffione From soffione, dandelion
Chinese (Mandarin) 蒲公英島 Púgōngyīng Dǎo From 蒲公英 púgōngyīng / pòuhgūngyīng, dandelion
Chinese (Cantonese) 蒲公英島 Pòuhgūngyīng Dóu
Polish Wyspa Dmuchawców From dmuchawiec, dandelion

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