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Bewilder Forest
迷いの森 Bewilder Forest
Bewilder Forest.png
Bewilder Forest
Region Sinnoh
Debut Different Strokes for Different Blokes

Bewilder Forest (Japanese: いの Bewilder Forest) is an anime-exclusive forest in the Sinnoh region. It is located between Sandgem Town and Jubilife City. Bewilder Forest is notorious for its Stantler population, who often disorientate travelers using the illusion-inducing powers from their antlers.

This location was featured in Different Strokes for Different Blokes. Ash's rival Paul caught two Pokémon here: an Ursaring and a Stantler. Stantler was released soon after its capture as Paul was unimpressed by its strength, but Ursaring remains on his party.

Ash also fought in a battle against Paul. Ash's somewhat mistrusting Turtwig began to obey his commands during the match, but ultimately, Turtwig was defeated by Paul's Chimchar.


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