Xatu's Forest

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Xatu's Forest
Xatu Forest.png
Xatu's Forest
Region Sinnoh
Debut Historical Mystery Tour!

Xatu's Forest is an anime-exclusive location in Sinnoh that appeared in Historical Mystery Tour!. The location is an alternate reality, with Xatu selecting who visits. The circus tent attraction only appears outside Twinleaf Town around the time of the Twinleaf Festival.

Xatu's Circus

While Barry and Ash were having a battle, a Xatu appeared and Barry followed it, forcing Ash and Dawn to do the same. Barry followed it because when he was younger, he tried to go where it led him, but he was too young to continue any farther. The three saw a tent; a clown and many Psychic-type Pokémon stepped out, describing the place as a location where one can become one with their past, present, and future. The three went in, experiencing important events in their lives. All three of them were also shrunken. Ash relived the event when Spearow attacked Pikachu and they bonded. Dawn relived the event when Ariados attacked Piplup. Barry relived the event when he slathered honey on a tree and found Heracross.

While experiencing these events, all three also saw a Natu, Xatu's pre-evolution. When they followed the Natu, they saw each other again. In order to get out, they had to hit a Camerupt on its side, which was almost exactly similar to a booth Brock was running at the time. Afterwards, Barry and the others noticed the circus tent has strangely disappeared. Palmer also greeted them, admitting he had visited Xatu's Forest once before.

Pokémon seen in Xatu's Forest

Combee (multiple)
Mightyena (multiple)
Dodrio (multiple)
Exeggutor (multiple)
Sandslash (multiple)
Tauros (multiple)
Spearow (multiple)
Ariados (multiple)

In other languages

Language Title
  Italian Foresta di Xatu
  Polish Las Xatu

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