Amber Castle

Amber Castle
琥珀の城 Amber Castle
Amber Castle.png
Amber Castle
Region Sinnoh
Debut An Angry Combeenation!

Amber Castle (Japanese: 琥珀 Amber Castle) is an anime-exclusive location in Sinnoh that appeared in An Angry Combeenation!. It is home to a large swarm of Combee which create Enchanted Honey, which is said to be thousands of times sweeter than normal Honey.

One of the chambers

Ash and his friends accompanied Cheryl on her quest to find the Enchanted Honey with the help of her Mothim. They discovered the Amber Castle hidden behind a waterfall in Eterna Forest, and followed a network of tunnels to reach the main chamber. After the group and Cheryl stopped Team Rocket from destroying the Amber Castle, the hive queen Vespiquen rewarded them with a jar of Enchanted Honey.

Pokémon seen in Amber Castle

Combee (multiple)

In other languages

Language Title
  Finnish Meripihkalinna
  French Château Ambre
  German Bernsteinschloss
  Italian Castello Ambrato
  Polish Bursztynowy Zamek
  Brazilian Portuguese Castelo Âmbar
  Spanish Castillo Ámbar

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