Farley (Japanese: ハンペン Hanpen) is a character of the day who appeared in Aiming for the Top Floor!. He is one of the ninjas in the Kantonian Gym, and is in charge of its first floor.


Farley gave Ash and his classmates the seemingly impossible task of literally crossing the surface of a body of water. Lana and Sandy misinterpreted his directions and swam across, forcing him to clarify. He then presented them with a box of useful tools and revealed that they could use their Pokémon to assist them with the task. With these conditions in mind, Lillie ordered Snowy to freeze the pond with a Powder Snow, allowing her and her friends to cross with ease. Farley was impressed and allowed everyone to advance through to the second floor.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 岩崎諒太 Ryota Iwasaki
English Kelvin Moon Loh
European French Damien Locqueneux
Polish Krzysztof Szczepaniak


  • In the original version, Farley, like his fellow ninjas at the Kantonian Gym, usually ends his sentences with a particular phrase or word—in his case, "de aru".


Language Name Origin
Japanese ハンペン Hanpen From 半片 hanpen (a variety of pounded fish cake)
English Farley
Italian Robi
Brazilian Portuguese Fabiano

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