Blueberry Academy Cafeteria

The Blueberry Academy Cafeteria (Japanese: 学生食堂 School Cafeteria) is a cafeteria located in Blueberry Academy.

In the games

Dishes purchased at the Blueberry Academy Cafeteria can be consumed to gain different types of Meal Powers.


Name Cost Image Meal Power Description
Academy Pizza 50 BP   Teensy Power: All Types (2)
Raid Power: All Types (1)
An extra-large pizza that re-creates the academy's emblem using plenty of sausage and cheese.
Academy Shake 100 BP   Item Drop Power: All Types (2)
Title Power: All Types (1)
A frosty shake practically overflowing with ice cream and fruit.
Academy Fries 50 BP   Humungo Power: All Types (2)
Exp. Point Power: All Types (1)
A mountain of fried potatoes—and a monument to the chef's desire to make sure students are well fed.
Academy Special 150 BP   Catching Power: All Types (1)
Egg Power (1)
Sparkling Power: All Types (1)
This special is the stuff of dreams. Each dish was selected by Director Cyrano himself, and no expense was spared.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 學生食堂 Hohksāang Sihktòhng
Mandarin 學生食堂 / 学生食堂 Xuéshēng Shítáng
  French Cafétéria
  German Mensa
  Italian Mensa scolastica
  Korean 학생식당 Haksaeng Sikdang
  Spanish Comedor

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