Torchlit Labyrinth

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Torchlit Labyrinth ともしびの迷路
Firelight Labyrinth
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Region: Unova
Generations: IX
Unova Torchlit Labyrinth Map.png
Location of Torchlit Labyrinth in Unova.
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The Torchlit Labyrinth (Japanese: ともしびの迷路 Firelight Labyrinth) is a cavern within the Coastal Biome of the Terarium, located in the Unova region.


Places of interest



Pokémon Games Terrain Levels Probability Weight Group Rate Group Pokémon
S V 59-70 400 40%
S V 59-70 130
S V 59-70 80
S V 59-70 100
S V 59-70 250
S V 59-70 2 30%
S V 59-70 150 10%
S V 59-70 150 20%
S V 59-70 70
S V 59-70 300
S V 59-70 150
S V 59-70 80
S V 59-70 120
S V 59-70 5
S V 59-70 5
S V 59-70 5
S V 59-70 5
S V 59-70 5
S V 59-70 5
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.
Probability weight indicates the likelihood that a Pokémon will spawn at a certain point in this location relative to others that can spawn there. A higher probability weight generally indicates that a Pokémon is more likely to spawn.
Pokémon with the highest or lowest level requirements may not spawn in every possible location within this area.
A bolded level range replaces the Pokémon's non-bolded level range after the player has completed The Way Home.
  1. This Pokémon only spawns after increasing the diversity of the Coastal Biome at the League Club.



Games Location Song name Composition Arrangement
 S  V  When in Torchlit Labyrinth The Terarium (Canyon Biome) Unknown Unknown
When battling a wild Pokémon Battle! (Wild Pokémon - Unova)* Junichi Masuda
Go Ichinose[1]
When battling a wild Tera Pokémon Battle! (Wild Tera Pokémon)* Junichi Masuda
Go Ichinose[2]
When battling a Trainer
in the Terarium
Battle! (Pokémon Trainer - Unova)* Junichi Masuda
Go Ichinose[3]
Song names marked with an asterisk are unofficial, as they have not received a soundtrack release.


Name origin

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 火光迷宮 Fógwōng Màihgūng
Mandarin 火光迷宮 / 火光迷宫 Huǒguāng Mígōng
  French Dédale des Torches
  German Fackellabyrinth
  Italian Labirinto dei Lumi
  Korean 등불의 미로 Deungbul-ui Miro
  European Spanish Laberinto Lumbre

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