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These are Saguaro's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series games

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

NaranjaS/UvaV Academy
  • In the home ec room, after taking one home ec class
"Welcome to the home economics classroom. I consider this to be my very own castle of sorts."
"Master <player> from class 1-A... Rumors of your activities always seem to be bombarding me from all sides."
Regardless of choice: "Indeed. People from all over have been talking about how strong of a battler you are and the amazing Pokémon you take along with you."
"You are quite the object of everyone's interest—though I imagine that may be a bother for you."
"The home economics classroom is something of a place of rest for the academy's students, you see. Here, they delight in sharing the latest gossip and the like while enjoying a light snack."
"You come up quite often in those talks recently, Master <player>. So much so that I find myself intrigued."
"If it is not a burden for you, I would very much enjoy having you come see me again sometime."
  • If talked to again
"Please feel free to relax and unwind if you wish. No need to concern yourself with me."
  • In the cafeteria, after taking three home ec classes
"Hello, Master <player> of class 1-A. It has been some time since last we met. Are you here to eat as well?"
Yep! I'm starving: "Ha! Excellent. You shouldn't battle on an empty stomach."
I just kind of wandered in: "Drawn in by the irresistible aromas, I imagine."
"I myself am here to...survey the student cafeteria, let's say."
"I am observing the nutritional content of the food that our students partake of on a regular basis."
"One item on the menu here that I am particularly interested in is the Peanut Butter Sandwich. It is sweet and quite delicious."
"Yes...perhaps I will order one right now."
"... ... ..."
"Could I have a...Five-Alarm Sandwich? I do enjoy the thrill of spicy food."
Regardless of choice: "A-ah, yes. You suggested I have a Peanut Butter Sandwich, Master <player>? I suppose I shall have to try one. If you insist."
"That was close. I almost forced myself to order something spicy—my least favorite of flavors. I thank you for restraining me, Master <player>. It seems that the students tend to view me as fashionable and cool...or even—dare I say it?—exuding a sort of brooding strength. I have a habit of acting in such a way so as not to destroy their image of me."
"I showed my true colors to you just now without thinking. Please keep this as a secret between us."
  • In the staff room, after taking four home ec classes
"Ah, Master <player>."
"There is something that I would...very much like to ask for your help with."
Regardless of choice: "Well, you see, I do not want anyone to overhear this, but... I heard rumors of an incredibly sweet condiment that exists somewhere in the Paldea region. I absolutely must experience that ambrosial sweetness for myself."
"You are the only one who knows of my insatiable sweet tooth. Thus, I have no one else I can turn to for help in this matter."
"I cannot go looking for this condiment myself lest I destroy the image students have of me."
"I will repay you for your troubles, of course. Give it some thought if this piques your interest."
"In the meantime, I will gather what information I can about this incredibly sweet condiment. I will share what I find with you as soon as I have more detailed information."
  • In the home ec room, after passing the home ec final
"Master <player>, about that matter with which I need your help... I have discovered the name of the incredibly sweet condiment. It is called Sweet Herba Mystica!"
"If you should find it during the course of your Treasure Hunt, I would be grateful if you would share some with me."
  • If talked to again while possessing Sweet Herba Mystica
"Master <player>... Have you anything to report about the Sweet Herba Mystica?"
"So this...THIS is Sweet Herba Mystica! I must—yes!—I must create something with it right away!"
"It's so...very... SWEET! My! What ambrosial sweetness! It is like a sweeter Honey. A MUCH sweeter Honey. Yes, as if Honey's sweetness were multiplied by one hundred!"
"N-no! You see, ah...there is a reason for this!"
"I have spent my entire life trying to maintain the image that others have of me. But now I see that it is possible to reconcile the difference between my outward appearance and my inner love of sweets."
"Well then, Master <player>, here is a reward for your efforts, as promised."
"Thanks to you, I was able to have a most delectably sweet experience. Moreover, I even feel that my narrow-minded views have broadened ever so slightly. Please accept my heartiest of thanks."
  • If talked to after
"If you know of anywhere with exceptional sweets, I would very much appreciate that information."
  • In the home ec room, during Dendra's friendship quest
"Ms. Dendra tells me she is here for intensive training in sandwich making."
"Oh dear. I'm terribly sorry. Were you keeping this a secret?"
"Understood. I will be more careful in the future."
"Ms. Dendra, I believe a simple addition of butter would have done wonders for your sandwich. Butter helps to protect the bread from getting soggy due to the moisture of the ingredients. It can also work to enhance the sandwich's flavor."
"Ah...well, you see...when I saw you, I had not realized you had begun your, ahem, food prep. I thought you were simply trying to destroy my classroom."
  • Home Ec classes
Home Ec (1)
"I see we have some energetic young ones in our class this time around."
"You may call me Mr. Saguaro. Your time here with me will be spent obtaining knowledge and skills indispensable for daily life."
"Many of you have left the care of your parents to live here on your own in the academy dormitory. I pray that the knowledge I impart to you will improve the quality of your lives and the necessities thereof—food, clothing, and shelter."
"Of those three categories, I assume the most pressing and interesting for you all is food. When you eat sandwiches on your picnics, the HP of your party Pokémon will be restored. You will also gain something called Meal Powers, which can provide all manner of benefits. For example, these powers can make Pokémon easier to catch or increase the Exp. Points that your Pokémon receive. I think you will also find that the breadth of these effects can be expanded by crafting sandwiches of superb flavor. What's more, there is a certain something that is particularly important if we wish to receive Meal Powers with even more helpful effects."
"Let me see... Master <player>! Tell me—what must you keep in mind to receive even more helpful Meal Powers?"
My choice of fillings and condiments: "Perfectly correct, Master <player>! Perhaps you were already aware of this fact from having helped your family with cooking at home?"
How fast I can prepare the food: "That is...incorrect. I pray that you all put more emphasis on doing things well when cooking rather than simply rushing to finish quickly."
I have to remember to put my heart into it!: "Ha! That is an interesting take. Though not exactly what I was looking for, I suppose you are correct, in a sense."
"Your choice of ingredients—including both fillings and condiments—is an important factor in gaining even more helpful Meal Powers."
"For example, using sweet ingredients in your sandwiches may help you gain Egg Power. Including numerous butter ingredients, on the other hand, can gain you Item Drop Power. Learning to aim for specific effects when crafting sandwiches will almost certainly make your culinary endeavors more enjoyable. Please be aware, however, that you can also receive Meal Powers by eating at restaurants."
"I must say that I would feel the utmost joy if you all learned much here in my class and came to better understand home economics. Our time together has come to an end for today. I bid you all farewell."
Home Ec (2)
"Put away your phones. It is time to begin class. In our last class, I believe we talked about the effects you can get from food on your picnics. You can receive Meal Powers and even restore HP for all the Pokémon in your party. It is a truly convenient means of healing your Pokémon."
"Unfortunately, as I'm sure you are aware, it is not suited for use in battles—when you cannot make food—or when you wish to restore HP quickly. In times such as those, you should make use of healing items—such as Potions, which you can purchase from Poké Marts or the school store."
"Healing items are immediately effective and can be used anytime that you can open your Bag. They are, however, consumed after one use."
"Potions restore 20 HP, Super Potions restore 60 HP, and Hyper Potions restore 120 HP."
"The pricier the item, the more HP it will restore. Keep in mind how much money you have when you are stocking up on these items."
"However, unforseen happenings are an inextricable part of traveling from place to place. Imagine, if you will, the following scenario: you find yourself with injured Pokémon, but you have no Potions, you are out of sandwich ingredients, and there are no Pokémon Centers nearby."
"Tell me, Master <player>... What should you search for when in a perilous situation with no way to heal your Pokémon?"
A place with water: "Would you hope to use the water to prepare a bracing meal perhaps? As I mentioned, you have no ingredients, so even with water, you would not be able to make food."
A teacher: "Ah, yes. Of course, if a teacher were nearby, they could likely be of assistance. However, you must not assume that a grown up will always be nearby to rush to your aid."
Items on the ground: "Perfectly correct, Master <player>! I see you are well-learned in survival techniques."
"If you see something shiny on the ground, it is actually an item that has been dropped there! You may be able to find a restorative item, such as an Oran Berry or a Potion, in this way. You can use the R Button to send out your Pokémon to pick up such items as well. And then there are Berries, of course. Berries, by the way, aren't like items from shops—if you let your Pokémon hold one, it will decide on its own when to eat the Berry during battle. Letting your Pokémon decide this timing for itself can be quite interesting!"
"At any rate, if you find yourself in need of healing, I suggest that you look around for shining items on the ground."
"If you can't find such items, there are other methods you may employ for healing your— Ah, but I see the bell demands that topic wait. Our time together has come to an end for today. I bid you all farewell."
Home Ec (3)
"Put away your phones. It is time to begin class."
"In my last class, I taught about HP restoration. However, after class, I was asked by several of you about Power Points, commonly known as PP. When a Pokémon loses all of its HP, it faints and can no longer battle!"
"What, then, happens to a Pokémon when it loses all of its PP?"
It can't use moves: "Perfectly correct, Master <player>! Perhaps you know this from firsthand experience?"
It won't listen to its Trainer: "That would certainly be a dangerous situation, but that is not the correct answer. Whether a Pokémon listens to its Trainer depends on the number of Gym Badges the Trainer has."
All of its stats get lowered: "That would certainly be a dangerous situation, but that is not the correct answer. That is not the sort of power we are talking about when we talk of Power Points."
"When a Pokémon runs out of PP, it can no longer use its moves."
"However, each move has its own store of PP, so you can mitigate PP loss by using a variety of moves rather than just one move repeatedly. If a Pokémon loses all PP for all of its moves, it will only be able to use Struggle—an action that also damages the Pokémon that uses it. In order to avoid this predicament, PP can be restored at Pokémon Centers along with HP."
"Items such as Ethers and Max Ethers can also be used to restore PP. Be careful not to confuse Potions with Ethers in the heat of battle! However, Ethers are not sold at shops, so you should use them judiciously if you find them. The stronger the move, the lower its maximum PP. Do not waste uses of these moves unless you wish to quickly run out of PP. It is important to find balance in a Pokémon's set of moves. As you can see, HP isn't the only thing you must keep an eye on while adventuring with Pokémon."
"I hope that you will all take care to ensure that your partner Pokémon can perform at their best as you engage in the Treasure Hunt. Our time together has come to an end for today. Our next meeting will be an examination day. Be sure to review well in preparation."
Home Ec Midterm
  • Before the test
"The time has come to test how well you all have learned here in my class!"
"Let's begin before the information simmering in your brains from a last-minute cram session fades."
  • After the test
"The time for answering questions has come to an end. Please stop writing. I hope you were all able to give the examination everything you had. Please remember to ask for your scores at the front desk before leaving for the day."
Home Ec (4)
"Put away your phones. It is time to begin class. Though some of you had to retake the midterm exam multiple times, I am glad to say that the majority of the class passed without issue. I feel honored to see that the knowledge and skills indispensable for daily life have taken root in all of you. I trust that you will all work just as hard on your life skills in this second half of our course as well."
"Let us now turn our attention to the topic of the day, which was inspired by a question I received on the subject of Meal Powers. The student who asked this question is a young man who enjoys the culinary arts. He tells me that he regularly researches culinary techniques on his own and pays careful attention to the ingredients he uses. He also spends day and night studying all aspects of the culinary arts. Yet despite this, he is baffled by his inability to increase the effectiveness of his Meal Powers."
"So tell me, Master <player>, since you did quite well on your midterm exam... What should Ar—ahem, this young man—do to increase the effectiveness of his Meal Powers?"
He should make food more often: "The culinary arts are not so easily grasped. Simply engaging in them more often will not necessarily reward you with success."
He should make food with other people: "Perfectly correct. I see that you are knowledgeable about the culinary arts."
Ar...ven?: "Ahem... I cannot disclose the identity of this certain male student who enjoys the culinary arts. It may very well be Arven, but it may not be!"
"To increase the effectiveness of Meal Powers, your sandwiches must be filled with many different ingredients. For a single person, this may prove difficult. But if you prepare a sandwich with others, you will be able to handle a larger serving of bread. With a larger base to start it, it becomes quite simple to add more ingredients to your sandwich. Which, in turn, makes it possible to receive Meal Powers of increased effectiveness. This applies more broadly as well. When dealing with a difficult issue, working with others to solve that issue may be the best course of action."
"I am sure that Arven will likewise work with friends to craft his sandwiches in the future."
"Ahem... The identity of the male student is a matter of privacy, so I would ask that you do not pry too deeply."
"Our time together has come to an end for today. I bid you all farewell."
Home Ec (5)
"Put away your phones. It is time to begin class. While you're out performing fieldwork with one of your Pokémon walking alongside you...have you ever noticed changes in its coloration? Now I don't mean that it suddenly becomes a Shiny Pokémon or any nonsense like that."
"I am speaking of it becoming filthy!"
"Pokémon battle! They get hurt by moves used against them!"
"They get battered by wind and rain! They get covered in sand and mud!"
"They get, in a word, filthy!"
"I have seen many a Trainer walking about with their adorable little Pokémon without addressing this issue. It is deplorable."
"Let me ask this question of someone who I am sure would not tolerate such shameful conduct. Ah yes, Master <player>. What should you do if your Pokémon is dirty?"
Clean it up: "Perfectly correct! I knew I could count on you to provide me with such an answer."
Pat it on the head: "While patting your Pokémon on the head to express appreciation for its hard work would make for an adorable moment, that would not clean it of its filth!"
Nothing: "I suppose, in time, filth accumulated from rain and mud may well fall of its own accord...but I never expected such an answer from you."
"When your Pokémon are dirty, clean them! This is, of course, simply common sense. While you are having a picnic, you can approach the Pokémon on your team and perform a variety of actions."
"One such action is putting them through what I like to call the "Pokémon Wash"... In other words, you are able to clean them up! You start by getting your sponge lathered up with soapy bubbles as you gently and carefully scrub your Pokémon. Once your Pokémon is nice and covered in soapy bubbles... the bubbles will encapsulate the filth, then you simply wash it away with a spray of water! This will get your Pokémon clean and shining bright as a Tera Jewel!"
"It is certainly quite a bit of work, but this will also restore HP and cure status conditions. However, some Pokémon may have parts of their bodies that they don't want scrubbed or that they would rather not get wet. Be sure to keep this in mind when cleaning your Pokémon."
"Now, the most important point that I must mention is that some Pokémon LIKE to be dirty. Though I will contradict myself by saying this, please do remember that cleaning your Pokémon is not always the kind thing to do."
"Our time together has come to an end for today. I bid you all farewell."
Home Ec (6)
":"Put away your phones. It is time to begin our last class together."
"Home economics is the study of life's necessities, but looking back on our time together, I realize that I focused almost entirely on food. I hope it is not too late to shift to a discussion of clothing—another necessity—in our last class."
"As I'm sure you are aware, our academy has an air of freedom about it. We provide uniforms for each season to accommodate the diverse climate of Paldea. However, students are free to wear whichever style they wish whenever they please. You should all have received four sets of tops and bottoms—one each for spring, summer, fall, and winter—when the academy accepted you. If, by chance, you were not aware of this, you may wish to peruse your wardrobe."
"As long as you wear our school uniform, the rest of your ensemble need not be school-issued. This includes your bag or your hat, if you choose to wear one. You are even free to style your hair however you wish. Mr. Salvatore's hairstyle, for example, would almost certainly have been against school rules when I was a boy."
"That reminds me..."
"There is one more thing you all like to decorate, which—I must say—I find quite charming."
Our classroom desks?: "No, not that. I speak of something smaller and far more adorable... More importantly, your desk is not different or customized in the slightest!"
Our dorm rooms?: "No, not that. I speak of something smaller and far more adorable... More importantly, how you decorate the interior of your dorm rooms is none of my business!"
Our Rotom Phones?: "Perfectly correct! That's the adorable little thing I was speaking of! Ohhh, it interests me so!"
"I must admit that I am fascinated by Rotom Phones and how to customize them!"
"What's that...? How very intriguing! So there's a shop called Delibird Presents, where you can purchase cases for your Rotom Phones! I thank you for that useful bit of information... I shall have to go myself first thing tomorrow to get an adorable case of my own liking."
"Forgive me... I seem to have gotten a little carried away with this small talk."
"Ahem. As this class known as home economics nears its end, I offer these final words to you who have been honing everyday life skills with me. My field of study is not so decisive as the likes of mathematics, for instance, where test scores might play a part in deciding your future. However, as you go on to cook for yourselves, to take care of your Pokémon, to decide what to wear in the morning when you awaken... I would be honored if what I have taught you serves to smoothen out and enrich your lives, even if only a little. This sentiment was imparted to me by Mr. Hassel and his particular outlook on such matters."
"I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for seeing this class through to the end. Our time together has come to a close for today. Prepare to do your best on our final exam."
Home Ec Final
  • Before the test
"The time has come to test how well you all have learned here in my class!"
"Let's begin before the information simmering in your brains from a last-minute cram session fades."
  • After the test
"The time for answering questions has come to an end. Please stop writing. I...made the questions a little easier than I'd planned to, as a way of saying thank you for informing me about Rotom Phone cases. I trust that you all gave this exam everything you had so that you will not have to retake it."
"Please remember to ask for your scores at the front desk before leaving for the day."
Academy Ace Tournament
  • Before battle
"I am pleased to be facing you in battle. Now, allow me to show you my skills."
  • In battle
Upon sending out his last Pokémon: "I will remain calm despite the circumstances. I must stand firm!"
Upon Terastalizing his Hatterene: "Let us do this...adorably. Hatterene, it is time to Terastallize."
Upon first using Hatterene's Dazzling Gleam: "Though you are a student, I cannot go easy on you—especially seeing as you are a Champion."
Upon being defeated: "Perhaps the secret to your strength is a balanced diet?"
  • After being defeated
"What can I say in the face of such strength? I should have expected no less from a Champion."