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Forming a bond (Japanese: きずな bond) is a mechanic found in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet that takes place at Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV when interacting with specific characters. It involves meeting them at different points throughout the academy, and forming a bond with them through four different stages.

The player forming a close bond with Dendra


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Initially, a character may be spotted at one of the rooms in the academy, where they can be interacted with, often confiding in the player about a problem that they're having. Following their initial interaction, the player can meet with that character on three additional occasions, where they can further their bond. After each stage, a string of text will display, which describes the closeness of the bond the player has with that character.

"You became even closer with _____!"
"You feel trusted by _____!"
"You formed a close bond with _____!"

With the exception of Nemona, Arven and Penny, the player is rewarded with a gift after they have formed a close bond with a character.

As of Version 3.0.0, any of the faculty members at the academy that the player has formed a close bond with, excluding Director Clavell and Jacq, can be invited as a Special Coach to the League Club Room at Blueberry Academy. Additionally, a short story involving the bosses of Team Star can be activated at the academy, provided the player has formed a close bond with Penny.


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Team Star Bosses

As of Version 3.0.0, after forming a close bond with Penny, the player can talk to Eri and Giacomo in the Entrance Hall of the academy to activate a short story in which the player tutors the Team Star Bosses. The player does not form a bond with any of these characters.




In the academy's schoolyard, Dendra asks the player if they are there to train. Regardless of the player's answer, she will ask them to join her on a run around the track. After running three laps with the player, Dendra will compliment the player's athletisism and offer to share one of her homemade sandwiches with them. When asked if the sandwich was tasty, the player may either attempt to lie or tell the truth. Regardless of if they try to lie, Dendra will figure out the sandwich tasted bad, admit to not being good at making food, and leave, telling the player to enjoy the sore muscles they will have the next day as a result of their exercise.


In the academy's art room, Hassel welcomes the player and asks them if they find his class difficult, before asking them if they enjoy Pokémon battles, due to their decision to challenge the Gyms of Paldea during their Treasure Hunt. Hassel ends the conversation by stating that he has been pondering the nature of strength, before thanking the player for talking with him.

Later, the player finds Hassel in the schoolyard. As they converse, a woman arrives looking for Hassel. Hassel, annoyed by her presence, informs the player that an important matter has come up, and he leaves to talk with the woman.

Later, in the school's entrance, the player reunites with Hassel, who apologizes for the abrupt end to their prior conversation. He reveals that the woman is one of his relatives from a faraway region, and that he is the descendant of a line of Dragon-type Trainers, having run away as a youth to "make a living with music". Hassel explains that his female relative has asked him to leave the academy and return home, claiming Hassel's father, the current head of their family, is in poor health. Hassel laments that he may not be cut out for the role of a teacher, but the player insists he is doing well at his work and Hassel thanks them for their compliment.

Ultimately, Hassel decides to remain in his role as a teacher. When his relative returns to bring him home, he declares that he has made up his mind and will continue teaching at the academy, deciding that seeing his students grow is his highest priority and having realized that the statement of his father's poor health was a lie. The relative reluctantly decides to let him continue as he is and leaves. Hassel thanks the player for their support and gives them 50 Dragon Tera Shards as a gift.






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In the academy's Staff Room, Tyme will ask the player if they have any questions about her classes. regardless of the players answer she then proceeds to quiz them on what happens to the power of a Rock Type move used against a Flying Type Pokémon. A young student then interupts the conversation to ask Tyme if it is true she used to be a gym leader, to which she replies that if the student waits until she has finished her conversation with the player she might tell them. The young student leaves and Tyme apologises to the player for having to cut their conversation short and encoraging them to return to talk to her any time if they have questions.

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