Sanosuke Sakuma

Sanosuke Sakuma (Japanese: 佐久間さのすけ Sakuma Sanosuke), born October 31, 1990, Kanagawa Prefecture, is a freelance illustrator who began providing artwork for the Pokémon Trading Card Game in 2013, with her first illustrations featured on cards released in the Shiny Collection. During her career with the TCG, she began working as a character designer on Pokémon Sun and Moon and Pokémon Sword and Shield, where she created many of the games' various Trainer classes.

Sakuma states that she began drawing from an early age with a particular interest in anime and manga, and was head of a manga club while at high school and college. She specializes in producing artwork with cute characters and invoking a warm atmosphere, utilizing a specific color palette and soft drawing style. She also experiments with different styles, including anime, impasto, and watercolor, and likes to convey a sense of motion in images that require it. For a list of cards that Sakuma has illustrated, go here.


The following are a list of characters designed by Sanosuke Sakuma.

Other illustrations



Title Platform Release date Position
Pokémon Sun and Moon Nintendo 3DS November 18, 2016 Trainer Graphics Design
Pokémon Sword and Shield Nintendo Switch November 15, 2019 Character Design

Other works

Title Date Publisher
Moonga Online Trading Card Game illustrations 2011 EverdreamSoft SA
Hachikami‎! illustration contest Quasi Excellence Award 2011 Tinami
How to Draw Comics Ultra Beginners illustrations September 21, 2012 Seibundo Shinkosha
Force of Will Trading Card Game illustrations 2012— Force of Will Co., Ltd.
Pokémon Trading Card Game illustrations 2013— The Pokémon Company



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