Battle Hall

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Battle Hall
バトルステージ Battle Stage
Battle Hall.png
"Let Each Pokémon Seek No. 1"
Battles per round
Participating Pokémon
Battle Points obtained
Hall Matron Argenta
Hall Matron Argenta
Commemorative print
Silver print
Commemorative print
Gold print
Wins to obtain a commemorative print

The Battle Hall (Japanese: バトルステージ Battle Stage) is a facility located in the northwestern corner of the Battle Frontier in Generation IV. The stadium is a huge catwalk, in where people walk down the catwalk to the battleground, while fans take a number of photos and the spotlights shine all over the place. There is also a red carpet on the floor, all the way from the entrance to the stadium. 


The Battle Hall is unique from any other facility in the Battle Frontier, as there are 10 battles per round instead of the usual 7, and only one Pokémon can be used in a Single Battle, meaning the battles are one-on-one. Before entering the Battle Hall, the player will be asked to select one Pokémon level 30 or higher for entry. If it is a different Pokémon from last time, the attendant will warn the player that they are using a different Pokémon, as Pokémon are used in winning streaks, and if the player uses a different Pokémon, the streak will be lost. If doing a Double Battle challenge, the player must enter two of the same species of Pokémon. When two players team up for a Multi Battle, they must both enter the same species of Pokémon.

Once the Pokémon is entered, the player will go down the runway and will have to choose from a list of types which type they want to battle. As the player uses only a single Pokémon against a variety of different opponents, their primary advantage comes from many of those opponents being significantly lower level than the player. If the Pokémon has a particularly disadvantageous type, there is a choice to be made about whether to get that type out of the way early, when the level difference is greatest and the player may be able to use it to overcome the type disadvantage, or to play other types to build up a streak without worrying as much about Pokémon of that type. As the only thing known about an opponent is one of the types of their Pokémon, sometimes that Pokémon's second type may counteract an advantage the player was expecting to have; for example, a Fighting-type Pokémon selecting a Dark-type opponent, only to find that the Ghost/Dark-type Spiritomb is immune to Fighting moves.

As the player wins against each type, that type raises in rank, causing further challenges against that type to increase in level. The player gets their Pokémon fully healed, has the option to suspend or retire the current streak as well as save the most recent battle to the Vs. Recorder, then returns to the grid selection and can challenge the same type again (unless Rank 10 of that type was just beaten) or a different type, until the round of 10 battles has been completed. Each type begins at Rank 1, and increases to a maximum of Rank 10, after which no further challenges are allowed against that type. When two players team up for a Multi Battle, all types are available at Rank 10 from the start, and the players cannot challenge the same type more than once. Subsequent rounds of Multi Battles reset the grid to the same status. This effectively means that players can battle any 10 different types, out of the 17, in each round of Multi Battles.

In Single and Double Battles, opposing Pokémon's levels are determined by the formula

  •   the level of the player's Pokémon (or the highest level of the two Pokémon, in Double Battles)
  •   is the base level for opponents to start at, which is  
  •   is the number of types, excluding the currently selected type, which have progressed to Rank 2 or higher
  •   is the rank of the currently selected type
  •   is the level increase per rank, which is  

The effect of the player's level on the opponents' base level ( ) and increase per rank ( ) can be seen in the following chart.

Levels Table
Own Level Opponent's
Base Level
Level Added
Per Rank
30 13.5681 1.0954
31 14.2964 1.1135
32 15.0298 1.1314
33 15.7661 1.1489
34 16.5068 1.1662
35 17.2520 1.1832
36 18.0000 1.2000
37 18.7517 1.2166
38 19.5071 1.2329
39 20.2646 1.2490
40 21.0266 1.2649
41 21.7908 1.2806
42 22.5579 1.2962
43 23.3279 1.3115
44 24.1001 1.3266
45 24.8752 1.3416
46 25.6533 1.3565
47 26.4329 1.3711
48 27.2153 1.3856
49 28.0000 1.4000
50 28.7869 1.4142
51 29.5759 1.4283
52 30.3665 1.4422
53 31.1599 1.4560
54 31.9548 1.4697
55 32.7512 1.4832
56 33.5498 1.4966
57 34.3506 1.5100
58 35.1528 1.5232
59 35.9565 1.5362
60 36.7625 1.5492
61 37.5691 1.5620
62 38.3779 1.5748
63 39.1882 1.5875
64 40.0000 1.6000
65 40.8132 1.6125
66 41.6279 1.6248
67 42.4441 1.6371
68 43.2617 1.6493
69 44.0801 1.6613
70 44.8999 1.6733
71 45.7212 1.6852
72 46.5439 1.6970
73 47.3682 1.7088
74 48.1931 1.7205
75 49.0195 1.7321
76 49.8467 1.7436
77 50.6753 1.7550
78 51.5046 1.7663
79 52.3354 1.7776
80 53.1670 1.7888
81 54.0000 1.8000
82 54.8337 1.8111
83 55.6689 1.8221
84 56.5049 1.8331
85 57.3416 1.8439
86 58.1790 1.8547
87 59.0178 1.8655
88 59.8574 1.8762
89 60.6978 1.8868
90 61.5396 1.8974
91 62.3821 1.9079
92 63.2253 1.9184
93 64.0693 1.9287
94 64.9141 1.9391
95 65.7595 1.9494
96 66.6064 1.9596
97 67.4534 1.9698
98 68.3018 1.9799
99 69.1501 1.9900
100 70.0000 2.0000

In Multi Battles, where only Rank 10 is available, opponent's levels always match the highest level of the two entered Pokémon.

Trainers at the Battle Hall use Pokémon from a different roster than that of the other facilities in the Battle Frontier. Pokémon with base stat totals below 340 (Group 1) can appear in Rank 1-5, Pokémon with BST between 340 and 439 (Group 2) appear in Rank 3-8, Pokémon with BST between 440 and 499 (Group 3) appear in Rank 6-10, and Pokémon with BST 500 or higher (Group 4) are restricted to Rank 9-10. The same species of Pokémon cannot appear multiple times as an opponent within the same round of 10 battles unless all the possible Pokémon that can appear in a given type and rank have already been seen earlier in the round, but different stages of a single evolutionary line are allowed to appear in the same round.

See more: List of Battle Hall Pokémon

Gaining fans

In the Battle Hall, the player will gain fans as their total record or their winning streak increases. If the player is a female, their major fan is Winston, and if the player is a male, their major fan is Serena. They can be found in the Battle Hall lobby in various locations with varying dialogue. The player will also get visitors cheering them on in the lobby. If the player's total record is over 500 in Pokémon Platinum, they will get the professor's assistant. If the record is over 1,000, the player will get Johanna, and over 10,000 will get Professor Oak or Jasmine. In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, if the record is over 1,000, the player will get the player character's mother, Ethan, or Lyra, and over 10,000 will get Professor Oak or Whitney.

Battle Points

Round Battle No. Singles Doubles Multi Wi-fi
1 1 to 10 1 1 12 6
2 11 to 20 1 1 12 6
3 21 to 30 1 1 12 6
4 31 to 40 2 2 12 8
5 41 to 50 20
(Hall Matron)
2 12 8
6 51 to 60 2 2 12 8
7 61 to 70 3 3 12 10
8 71 to 80 3 3 12 10
9 81 to 90 3 3 12 10
10 91 to 100 4 4 12 12
11 101 to 110 4 4 12 12
12 111 to 120 6 6 12 14
13 121 to 130 6 6 12 15
14 131 to 140 8 8 12 17
15 141 to 150 8 8 12 17
16 151 to 160 10 10 12 20
17 161 to 170 20
(Hall Matron)
10 12 20
18+ 171+ 12 12 12 23

Extra Battle Points

At the Battle Hall, the staff member next to the monitor will keep track of the player's total record, which is how many successive wins the player has earned with all of their Pokémon. For example, if two different Pokémon have both won 10 times, then the total record is 20. The player earns BP at the end of each round of 10 battles based on how far they are into the current streak, and if that streak pushes the total record across certain milestones, bonus BP will be awarded for that as well.

Total record milestones BP received
10 1
30 3
50/100/150/200/250/300/350/400/450 5
500/600/700/800/900/1000 10
1200/1400/1600/1800 30
2000, and every further multiple of 500 until 10000 50
10000, and every further multiple of 10000 until 100000 record/100

Hall Matron

Argenta is the Frontier Brain for the Battle Hall. She can be challenged on the 50th consecutive Single Battle, unlike all other Frontier Brains whose first challenge comes on the 21st battle. Argenta uses a Pokémon chosen from the same base stat total grouping that the player's Pokémon belongs to (339 or lower, 340-439, 440-499, 500 or higher), but otherwise chosen at random without regard for the player's selected type. Argenta's Pokémon will always match the level of the player's Pokémon, even for levels in which no other opponent's level is capable of getting that high. Once defeated, she will give away the silver commemorative print. Argenta can be challenged again on the 170th consecutive Single Battle, with the same rules; on her second challenge she will only use a Pokémon with a base stat total of 500 or greater, and will give away the gold commemorative print when defeated.

After the player defeats Argenta for the second time and extends a streak to 170 wins, the player is allowed to continue the streak with further rounds. The grid at that point resets to be equivalent to having Rank 9 cleared in every type, and the player must then choose ten different types to challenge at Rank 10 during the following round. Once all types have been defeated again, the grid resets again to the same point, until the streak ends.


Outside the Battle Hall Inside the Battle Hall Before battle in the Battle Hall

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Artwork depicting the Battle Hall is seen in Argenta's mindscape.

Argenta & Skarmory

In the manga

The Battle Hall in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

In Pokémon Adventures, the challenger is allowed to choose the type of Argenta's Pokémon, unlike in the games.

Platinum arc

The Battle Hall first appeared in Deprogramming Porygon-Z as a part of the Battle Frontier. In Dealing with Dragonite, Platinum was shown to have reached Argenta after 169 battles and two days without sleep. For her challenge, Platinum had chosen to use her Froslass, and in the final battle, she came face to face with Argenta's rental Dragonite. During the battle, Platinum mused to herself how, despite knowing everything about her Froslass, whom she had once faced as her opponent when she had been under Candice's ownership, only now, after going through 169 consecutive battles with her, she had come to truly understand her.

Despite Froslass having a major type advantage over Dragonite, she still took heavy damage from the Dragon Pokémon's Steel Wing. However, thanks to the Babiri Berry that Platinum had given Froslass to hold before the battle, the Snow Land Pokémon was able to survive the super effective hit and defeat Dragonite with Ice Shard, earning Platinum her fourth commemorative print.

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring the Battle Hall in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Pokémon in Battle Hall
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a green background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Drifblim     Supreme Victors   3/147 Beat of the Frontier   038/100
      DPt-P Promotional cards   017/DPt-P
Butterfree     Supreme Victors   17/147 Beat of the Frontier   004/100


In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 對戰舞台 Duìzhàn Wǔtái
French   Canada Scène de Combat
  Europe Scène de Combat
  German Kampfsaal
  Italian Palco Lotta
  Korean 배틀스테이지 Battle Stage
  Spanish Sala Batalla
  Vietnamese Sân khấu giao đấu

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