Seven Sages

The Seven Sages (Japanese: 七賢人 Seven Sages) are notable ranking members of Team Plasma. They are a group of intelligent people from all over the world. This group consists of Gorm, Bronius, Rood, Zinzolin, Giallo, Ryoku, and Ghetsis. Ghetsis gathered the sages, and acts as their internal leader.

The Seven Sages in the game intro of Black and White

In the games

Pokémon Black and White

The sages are met individually throughout the games, but all of them are seen together in N's Castle where they block the way to N. All the Gym Leaders (with the exception of Cilan, Chili, and Cress) appear and clear the way to N. They typically refrain from battling, having Grunts do so for them.

After Ghetsis has been defeated, the player must help Looker find the remaining six sages all over Unova. Upon being found, each will give the player a TM.

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

The Seven Sages have a different role in the sequels.

Rood is encountered in Driftveil City, living with Anthea and Concordia and several Grunts in the original Team Plasma's safehouse. After losing in a battle with the player, he gives the player N's Zorua. Shortly afterward, he appears on Route 6 after the player has encountered Cobalion. Later, he appears leading the members of the original Team Plasma against Ghetsis's new Team Plasma at the Giant Chasm, occupying their forces to allow the player to reach Ghetsis himself.

Zinzolin has joined the new Team Plasma under Ghetsis's leadership and battles the player several times. After the end of the game, he visits Undella Town and will give the player research conducted by Ghetsis that allows translation of the coded messages in the Abyssal Ruins. For reaching the end of the Abyssal Ruins, he will give the player a Big Pearl and subsequently departs.

Gorm appears in Pinwheel Forest, while the player and Cheren are investigating there. He tries to sneak up on them much like he did to Hilbert/Hilda in Black and White in the Dreamyard. He speaks to the two briefly and leaves. Cheren follows him.

It is unknown where the other three sages are during the events of Black 2 and White 2.

Items given

Item Location Games
  TM01 (Hone Claws) Gift from Zinzolin at the Cold Storage  B  W 
  TM04 (Calm Mind) Gift from Ryoku at Relic Castle  B  W 
  TM08 (Bulk Up) Gift from Giallo at Route 14  B  W 
  TM32 (Double Team) Gift from Rood at Route 18  B  W 
  TM69 (Rock Polish) Gift from Bronius at Chargestone Cave  B  W 
  TM75 (Swords Dance) Gift from Gorm at the Dreamyard  B  W 
  Big Pearl Gift from Zinzolin at Undella Town  B2  W2 

In the anime

The Seven Sages in the anime

Main series

The Seven Sages appeared in a flashback in Secrets From Out of the Fog!. They, along with Ghetsis, were leading a ceremony involving N at N's Castle. However, the ceremony was interrupted when Reshiram suddenly appeared and set the Castle on fire, causing all of them excluding Ghetsis to flee in terror. Unlike their game and manga counterparts, the Seven Sages (except Ghetsis) appear to be young and have no distinct identities.

Pokémon Generations

In Pokémon Generations, the Seven Sages (except Ghetsis) appeared at N's Castle in The Uprising. Zinzolin appeared at Opelucid City in The Frozen World. Ghetsis appeared in The King Returns.

Pokémon Evolutions

The Seven Sages in Pokémon Evolutions

The Seven Sages appeared in The Plan, where they witnessed N's coronation as the king of Team Plasma in a flashback. Ghetsis also appeared extensively, detailing his plan to take over the Unova region through his manipulation of people and Pokémon to Hilda.

In the manga

The Seven Sages in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

The Seven Sages debuted as a group in Letting Go. Each sage has several Team Plasma Grunts as their subordinates. The only exception is Ghetsis, who has the Shadow Triad as his subordinates. Each individual sage was given a task to further Team Plasma's ideals by Ghetsis.


  • The group shares its name with many historical and fictional groups.
  • Six of the Seven Sages have quoted proverbs from several Chinese philosophers.
    • Sage Zinzolin quotes a proverb from Mencius and a line from Tao Te Ching at N's Castle.
    • Sage Gorm quotes a proverb from Sun Tzu's The Art of War in Pinwheel Forest, and a line from both The Analects and Huainanzi at N's Castle.
    • Sage Bronius quotes another line from Tao Te Ching at N's Castle.
    • Sage Giallo quotes another line from Mencius at N's Castle.
    • In the Japanese version, Sage Ryoku quotes a line from Zhuangzi at N's Castle. In both versions, he also quotes a proverb by Song Dynasty philosopher Hu Yin at N's Castle.
    • Sage Rood quotes another proverb from the Analects and made a reference to a Chinese idiom at N's Castle.
  • With the exception of Ghetsis, their names are references to colors.
  • The TMs given by the sages are all for stat-raising moves.
    • Of these, Rood is the only sage that gives a TM that raises the user's stats by a total of one stage. The other TMs given either raise one stat two stages or two stats one stage.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 七賢人 Chātyìhnyàhn
Mandarin 七賢人 / 七贤人 Qīxiánrén
  French Sept Sages
  German Sieben Weise
  Italian Sette Saggi
  Korean 칠현인 Chil'hyeonin
  Brazilian Portuguese Sete Sábios (PS468-PS471, PS482-present)
Sete Anciãos (PS475)
  Spanish Siete Sabios
  Vietnamese Thất Hiền Nhân

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