To Make a Musical
VS Maracacchi
Chapter Black & White
Collected in Vol. 46
Round number 482
Location Castelia Gate
Route 4
Desert Resort
Nimbasa City
Musical Theater
Previous Round Sandstorm
Next Round Special Delivery

To Make a Musical (Japanese: VSマラカッチ VS Maracacchi or 準備 Preparation) is the 482nd round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Black reviews his offer from Grimsley, agonizing about whether he should or should not battle him, and ends up falling unconscious. Grimsley then examines the caught Grunt, and finds out information about the nearby Relic Castle. Some time later, Black finds himself in Nimbasa City, carried there by White. Black and White have a chat in their room, which ends up with White proposing the Pokémon Musical, and drags him to the Musical building.

At the Musical building, White starts setting up the Pokémon Musical with her Tepig, Gigi, as well as other Pokémon, and meets Elesa, who invites Black to have a Gym battle.

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