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モンタ Monta
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Hometown Nuvema Town
Region Unova
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Hilbert

Monta (Japanese: モンタ Monta) is the main character of Be the Best! Pokémon B+W.


Monta after capturing a Pokémon
Monta and his friends, Bianca and Cheren

Monta is a Trainer just starting out on his journey with his first Pokémon Snivy who aims to be a "Pokémon Battle Master". After successfully capturing a Patrat, he hears a rustle in the grass and goes to look. To his surprise, he finds a Patrat and Watchog and decides to capture them. After he attacks the two Pokémon start to run around in circles, he is about to throw another Poké Ball when Bianca and Cheren appear. Cheren lectures him about what he is doing wrong as Monta is looking up Watchog's Pokédex entry, and he vows one day he will capture a Watchog.

He uses Snivy in a Double Battle with Cheren's Tepig against a Bike Gang King's Braviary. It looks like they are about to lose, but they use a combination attack to defeat Braviary. Monta battles Cheren using his Snivy, Panpour and Roggenrola against Cheren's Tepig, Pansage and Basculin. With Cheren's vast knowledge of Pokémon and Triple Battles, it looks like he can't lose, but ultimately he is defeated by a powerful Rock Slide from Roggenrola.

Later, Monta captures an Emolga. Suddenly, he sees a cave and decides to go inside. He hears a rumble, and a wild Excadrill appears. He sends out Snivy, who uses some impressive moves to capture it.

He then sees a Pokémon Ranger and they battle, the Ranger uses his Zebstrika and Swanna against his new Emolga and Snivy. The Ranger is very powerful and Monta has to recall Snivy for Excadrill after Swanna's attack hits hard. The Ranger underestimates him though and Emolga and Excadrill are able to knock out their opponents with one hit.

Monta participates in a Double Battle against Dol's Swoobat and Bouffalant using Snivy and Boldore. Monta is able to defeat Dol using Boldore's strategies and Snivy holding an Air Balloon to stay afloat from Bulldoze.

Monta continued to battle wild Pokémon for training. When his Patrat did so, it ended up evolving into a Watchog. Monta witnessed Watchog's new power which was its Illuminate Ability which caused more wild Pokémon to come. This also caused a wild Tornadus to enter, which resulted in rain pouring. Monta tried battling it with Servine but Tornadus would flee everytime. However, Monta would still get a chance to battle him due to his Watchog's Illuminate. When Monta battled him one last time, his Watchog volunteered to battle. Monta was able to capture Tornadus due to the combinations that Watchog performed.

Monta goes into a cave with Cheren and Bianca and encounters a wild Kyurem. It took Monta's whole team to battle Kyurem. Monta managed to capture Kyurem with a Dusk Ball when his Litwick managed to weaken Kyurem. After catching Kyurem, Cheren and Bianca congratulate him on doing so. Monta bows down and gets burnt by Litwick's flame.

He goes to a Pokémon Center and receives a gift which contained Victini in a Cherish Ball. Monta interacts with Victini and gets burned in the process. He tries out his Victini and Serperior in a Double Battle against Muteki's Jellicent and Hydreigon. In the battle, Victini uses V-create and the power of the move doubles due to the use of the Fire Gem it was holding. However, this caused the loss for Monta when Victini was defeated by Jellicent's Bubble Beam. In the rematch, Monta did way better and defeated Muteki.

Monta has a Single and Triple Battle with Cheren using Reshiram, Victini and Zekrom. Monta was able to quickly defeat Cheren in the Single Battle. During the Triple Battle, Monta had a tough time with Cheren, especially when he had to go up against his best friend, Serperior. Cheren's side used the Pledge moves in order to avoid getting inflicted with status ailments. However, Monta managed to defeat him in the end. After the battle, Monta went up to Serperior, wanting to make up for what happened. Serperior then hugged Monta very hard in affection.


Monta is an excitable character and can't wait to capture any Pokémon. If he makes a mistake, Cheren doesn't hesitate in telling him, something that infuriates Monta sometimes.


In rotation

Snivy → Servine → Serperior
Main article: Monta's Serperior

Serperior is Monta's first and most-powerful Pokémon. Monta is best friends with it as well. Serperior is also very loyal. It was used in a number of battles and proved to be strong, but not unstoppable.

Debut Advance Toward the Path of the Strongest!

Patrat → Watchog
Monta finds a wild Patrat and he sends out his Snivy, deciding to capture it. He ordered a Vine Whip which hurt the Lookout Pokémon badly. He then threw a Poké Ball, which successfully captured it.

Patrat battled a wild Emolga and defeated it with Crunch. Patrat evolved into Watchog afterwards. Watchog started glowing which gave it a new power to attract more wild Pokémon, including a Tornadus. Watchog decided to battle the Tornadus when Monta's Servine was not able to weaken him. Watchog began things with a combination of Mean Look and Hypnosis to prevent Tornadus from going anywhere. Watchog then used Super Fang to weaken him enough in order for Monta to catch him.

Watchog's known moves are Crunch, Mean Look, Hypnosis, and Super Fang, and its Ability is Illuminate.

Debut Advance Toward the Path of the Strongest!

Roggenrola → Boldore
Monta's Roggenrola is first seen in a battle against Cheren's Tepig, Pansage, and Basculin with Snivy and Panpour. It gets hit badly by Panpour's Surf, leaving it with 1 HP from its Sturdy Ability. It goes in for Rock Slide and surprisingly knocks both Pansage and Basculin out, giving Monta the win. It reappeared in Challenge the Battle Subway! as a Boldore where Monta uses it in the Battle Subway

Boldore's known moves are Rock Slide, Smack Down, Bulldoze, and Stone Edge, and its Ability is Sturdy.

Debut The Key to Triple Battles
Monta's Panpour is first seen in a battle against Cheren's Tepig, Pansage, and Basculin with Snivy and Roggenrola. It uses a powerful Surf which hurt everyone on the battle field, knocking both Snivy and Tepig out.

Panpour's only known move is Surf.

Debut The Key to Triple Battles
Monta's Emolga is first seen in a battle against his Snivy. Snivy is able to weaken it and Monta captures it successfully. It is then used in a battle against a Pokémon Ranger's Zebstrika and Swanna with Snivy. It goes in with an Electro Ball attack on Swanna, but suddenly the attack misses and the Zebstrika is hit instead. The Ranger explains that Zebstrika's Lightningrod Ability pulls electric attacks towards it instead. Emolga is hurt slightly by Swanna's Bubble Beam, but defeats Swanna with one hit from a Shock Wave attack.

Emolga's known moves are Electro Ball and Shock Wave.

Debut The Battle for More Friends!
Monta's Excadrill is first seen when Monta enters a cave, where the ground starts to rumble and Excadrill appears. Using Snivy, Monta captures it. It is then used in a battle against a Pokémon Ranger's Zebstrika and Swanna with Emolga after Snivy was recalled. Excadrill uses Sandstorm, changing the weather conditions of the battle. It then uses Dig to appear underground near Zebstrika. The Ranger underestimates Excadrill's strength and it faints Zebstrika with one Dig. Monta explains that using its Ability, Sand Force, raises its attacks and doubles the power of Dig.

Excadrill's known moves are Sandstorm and Dig, and its Ability is Sand Force.

Debut The Battle for More Friends!
Monta encountered Tornadus during a rainstorm caused by his arrival. During the first few times, Monta battled him using his Serperior but Tornadus kept fleeing everytime. Monta's newly evolved Watchog volunteered to battle Tornadus. Watchog's move combinations managed to weaken Tornadus enough for Monta to catch him.

None of Tornadus's moves are known.

Debut Let's Master Pokémon Capturing!
Monta sent out Terrakion to weaken Kyurem. It was successful in flinching it by using Rock Slide but got defeated by Kyurem's Glaciate.

Terrakion's only known move is Rock Slide.

Debut Pokédex Complete!
Virizion was sent out to battle Kyurem. Even though the use of Sacred Sword gave it a Critical Hit, it was no match for Kyurem as Kyurem defeated it with Dragon Pulse.

Virizion's only known move is Sacred Sword.

Debut Pokédex Complete!
Cobalion was sent out to battle Kyurem. The defeat of Terrakion gave Cobalion's Retaliate an advantage as Retaliate delivered damage double the power to Kyurem. Despite the strategy, Kyurem was able to defeat Cobalion with Dragon Pulse.

Cobalion's only known move is Retaliate.

Debut Pokédex Complete!
Reshiram first appeared during its battle with Kyurem. Reshiram weakened it a bit with Fusion Flare but was beaten by Dragon Pulse. Later, Reshiram was used in Cheren's Single and Triple Battle. During the Single Battle, Reshiram went up against Cheren's Bisharp and won using Fusion Flare. It went up against Cheren's fully evolved team of first partner Pokémon during the Triple Battle and won.

Reshiram's only known move is Fusion Flare.

Debut Pokédex Complete!
Litwick was the last Pokémon sent out to fight Kyurem. Even though Litwick had a disadvantage because of size, it was able to weaken Kyurem.

Litwick's known moves are Minimize, Flame Burst, and Shadow Ball.

Debut Pokédex Complete!
Monta found Kyurem in a cave. It took his whole team to weaken Kyurem in order for Monta to catch it. Monta was able to catch it using a Dusk Ball.

Kyurem's known moves are Glaciate, Dragon Pulse, and Endeavor.

Debut Pokédex Complete!
Monta obtained Victini as a prize from an event in a Cherish Ball. It is based on the Victini distributed to players who preordered tickets to either version of the fourteenth anime movie.

Victini's first battle was against Muteki's Jellicent and Hydreigon. Victini used its Fire-type moves to get the upper hand as it was holding the Fire Gem even though it was hit by Jellicent's Hydro Pump. As Victini used V-create, it caused Victini stats to lower drastically which gave Jellicent a chance to defeat it with Bubble Beam. In the rematch, Victini did much better as it managed to defeat Hydreigon.

Victini was then used in Cheren's Single and Triple Battle. During the Single Battle, Victini battled with Cheren's Beartic and defeated Beartic with V-create, after Monta learned the timing on using the move. In the Triple Battle, it went up against the fully evolved first partner Pokémon trio, which included Monta's Serperior. Victini was able to defeat Samurott in the end despite getting frozen from Samurott's Blizzard the first time around.

Victini's known moves are Searing Shot, V-create*, and Fusion Flare*, and its Ability is Victory Star*.

Debut Victini - A New Friend!
Zekrom was sent out along with Victini and Reshiram during both battles with Cheren. Zekrom defeated his Emboar in the first one. The second one was tough as it faced off in a Triple Battle against his Emboar again along the fully evolved first partner Pokémon trio that Cheren borrowed, including Monta's Serperior. Teaming up with Victini and Reshiram, Zekrom was able to defeat the trio.

Zekrom's only known move is Fusion Bolt.

Debut The Birth of the Best Pokémon Trainer!


Language Name Origin
Japanese モンタ Monta Possibly from モンスター monster
English Monta Same as Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 文太 Wéntài From the Japanese name 文太 Monta.
Thai มอนตะ Monta Transliteration of his Japanese name

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