Unity Tower

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Unity Tower ユナイテッドタワー
United Tower
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Unity Tower outside BW.png
Map description: A skyscraper where people from all over the world can communicate.
Location: Southwest of Castelia City
Region: Unova
Generations: V
Unova Unity Tower Map.png
Location of Unity Tower in Unova.
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Unity Tower (Japanese: ユナイテッドタワー United Tower) is a skyscraper on an island in the southwest of the Unova region. It is only accessible from the Unity Pier in Castelia City after registering a location in Geonet and making an international trade with another user who has done the same. Despite the GTS shutdown on May 20, 2014, it is still possible to access the Unity Tower on a new save; performing a local trade in the Union Room with someone who has registered their Geonet location to a different country, regardless of the game or system's language or region, will cause the ship in Unity Pier to appear and allow regular access to and from the tower.

There is only one building on the island, which is Unity Tower. Leaving the island via boat takes the player back to Castelia City. From the boat dock, there is a pathway that leads to the entrance with eight differently colored flags that line both sides of the path. They are colored blue, red, orange, pink, silver, green, yellow, and purple. A metal detector is placed at the entrance, so that it must be passed through to enter the tower.

Unity Tower has 130 floors each representing a country (being the amount of countries recognized by Geonet) and a ground floor. These floors are sorted alphabetically (in the language of the game). Access to each floor is granted upon interacting with players registered to each location. Players that have been interacted with appear as NPCs on their country's respective floor. They talk about their interests, and often mention the interaction that the player had with them. The responses from the other Trainers depend on their Nature. At most, the tower can contain 20 Trainers, with a per-floor maximum of five. If these numbers are surpassed, old Trainers will leave the tower.

This location was not legitimately accessible in the Japanese versions of Pokémon Black and White until the game was released internationally, due to its nature and the inability of the player of a Japanese-language game to register a location outside of Japan on Geonet.


Unity Tower is based on the United Nations, as evidenced by the name of its background music file ("SEQ_BGM_UNITED_NATIONS"). However, the design of the building itself is based on the Empire State Building.

In the manga

Unity Tower in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Black 2 & White 2 chapter

Unity Tower appeared in The Transfer Student. Looker and his Croagunk came by it while returning to Unova to resume their search for the Seven Sages there.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 聯合塔 Lyùhnhahp Taap
Mandarin 聯合塔 / 联合塔 Liánhé Tǎ
  French Tour Union
  German Turm der Einheit
  Italian Torre Unione
  Korean 유나이티드타워 United Tower
  Spanish Torre Unión
  Vietnamese Tháp Liên Hiệp

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