Nacrene Gym

Nacrene Gym
シッポウジム Shippou Gym
Nacrene Museum anime.png
Location Nacrene City
Gym Leader Lenora
Badge Basic Badge
Dominant Type Normal
Region Unova
Nacrene Gym field.png

The Nacrene Gym (Japanese: シッポウジム Shippou Gym) is the official Gym of Nacrene City. It is based on Normal-type Pokémon. The Gym Leader is Lenora. Trainers who defeat her receive the Basic Badge.

In the games

Nacrene City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Lenora

"An Archeologist with Backbone"

Before entering the Gym, the player is forced to battle N outside of the building.

The Nacrene Gym is in the back of the Nacrene Museum. The Gym consists of a library and a downstairs room, in which Gym Leader Lenora is located. The library contains numerous large bookshelves; five of these bookshelves have small step ladders in front of them. When the player walks up these ladders, the player can interact with a book. Players must find the memos within the books and answer the questions in them by finding another book. After finding all of them, one of the bookshelves will move aside, letting the player reach the lower room.

The lower room contains two glass cabinets with artifacts in them. Lenora is situated in the middle of the room. At the back of the room, there are more bookshelves around the edge of the room, with a poster of the Gym logo in the center. There is also a small table with books and paperwork on it.

Once Lenora is battled, defeated and she gave the player the Badge, Lenora's husband Hawes rushes in and tells Lenora about Team Plasma's plan to steal the Dragon Skull from the museum. Lenora, Hawes, and the player then exit the Gym back into the museum.

In Black 2 and White 2, this building no longer functions as a Gym, as Lenora wants to focus work at the Nacrene Museum. Cheren now gives the Basic Badge to Trainers at Aspertia City.


Version Library Basement


Pokémon Black and White

Trainer Pokémon
School Kid Carter
ヨシオ Yoshio
Reward: $340
  Patrat Lv.17
No item
Scientist Satomi
サトミ Satomi
Reward: $816
  Herdier Lv.17
No item
School Kid Lydia
ノリコ Noriko
Reward: $300
  Lillipup Lv.15
No item
  Lillipup Lv.15
No item
  Lillipup Lv.15
No item


Item Location Games
  Fresh Water From Clyde at the entrance  B  W 
  TM67 (Retaliate) Reward for defeating Lenora  B  W 

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Artwork depicting the Nacrene Gym is seen in Lenora's mindscape.

Lenora & Watchog

In the anime

The library in the anime

The Nacrene Gym is located inside the Nacrene Museum. The museum is a historical building and features a range of exhibits such as fossils, skeletons, knight's armor and tombs. Hawes is the vice-curator of the museum. Near the back is a library where a code is needed in order to get to another library with a range of different books. Here, Lenora will test the Trainer to see what type of Trainer they are. She will point to the book that reveals the staircase to the Gym, and the Trainer, based on how they read Lenora's actions, will either try to read it or search for another book. Once finding the correct book, they head downstairs to the battlefield. The battlefield has a normal, basic terrain. In A Night in the Nacrene City Museum!, a Yamask was causing havoc in the museum in an effort to retrieve its mask, which had been put on display.

In The Battle According to Lenora!, Ash, Iris, Cilan, Hawes and Lenora entered the Gym, where Ash battled Lenora and lost. In Rematch at the Nacrene Gym!, Ash battled her again and finally won, earning him the Basic Badge.

Pokémon used in the Gym

Watchog is Lenora's first known Pokémon. In Ash's first battle against Lenora in The Battle According to Lenora!, it was used against Ash's Oshawott and managed to win. It was used again in Ash's rematch against Lenora, once more battling against Oshawott. This time, it lost.

Watchog's known moves are Mean Look, Low Kick, Thunderbolt, and Confuse Ray, and its Ability is Illuminate.

Debut A Night in the Nacrene City Museum!
Voice actors
Japanese Akeno Watanabe
English Tom Wayland

Lillipup → Herdier
Lenora's Herdier debuted as a Lillipup in The Battle According to Lenora!, where it battled Ash's Tepig. When it was first sent out, both Iris and Ash were drawn to its cuteness. Despite its cute appearance, however, Lillipup was shown to be fierce in battle, to Iris's dismay. In its battle with Ash, it used Roar to send Tepig back, forcing Oshawott to come out. It was then called back to its Ball. Later on, it was sent back out when Watchog defeated Oshawott. It was able to easily beat Ash's Tepig with a powerful Take Down, causing Ash to lose the battle to Lenora.

In Rematch at the Nacrene Gym!, it was revealed to have evolved into a Herdier. Lenora decided to use it as her second Gym battle against Ash in order to test him against a different Pokémon after his hard training at the local Battle Club. It again used Roar to force Ash's Tepig to return into its Poké Ball, forcing Oshawott into the battle. After this, Herdier was recalled back into its Ball. It was called out again later to battle Tepig after Oshawott had tied with Watchog. Herdier proved to be far stronger than Lillipup, using the powerful Giga Impact to make things difficult for Tepig. However Tepig was faster and more powerful than before and battled hard, finally taking Herdier out with his newly-learned Flame Charge.

It reappeared in a flashback in Certain Up, Unova League!.

In the English dub, this Herdier is stated as being the same Pokémon as Lenora's Lillipup, but now evolved. However, in the original Japanese version, Herdier is not stated to have evolved from Lillipup.

Herdier's known moves are Roar, Shadow Ball, Take Down, Protect, and Giga Impact.

Debut The Battle According to Lenora!
Voice actors
Japanese Kiyomi Asai (Lillipup)
Unshō Ishizuka (Herdier)
English Tom Wayland (Herdier)

In the manga

Nacrene Gym in Pokémon Adventures
Nacrene Gym battlefield in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Black & White arc

Like its game counterpart, the museum serves as the Nacrene Gym. Before Black victoriously challenged Lenora in Battle at the Museum and Defeating Stoutland, he talked to Musha and checked the museum's collections. Some time after, he and White encountered Hawes, who told them that few artifacts of the collection had been stolen. Black got the stolen items back from a group of Team Plasma Grunts and returned them to the museum.

Later, the Gym Leaders of Unova devised a plan to catch Team Plasma, with the Nacrene Gym being the main stage in its execution. The plan involved the Dark Stone, which had been excavated by Clay from Desert Resort some time earlier, and deceivingly lowering the museum's guarding, which was purposefully revealed to Team Plasma. In The Battle Within, the Shadow Triad attempted to snatch the Dark Stone and started battling Lenora. The other Gym Leaders and Black soon came to help her. Meanwhile, Team Plasma Grunts broke into the museum to look for the Dark Stone.

The Gym Leaders were ultimately defeated by the Forces of Nature, which Giallo of the Seven Sages had caught earlier, and Ghetsis managed to get the Stone by deceiving Black into revealing the secret entrance to its hiding place at the museum's basement. All the Gym Leaders present were subsequently taken by Team Plasma, except for Brycen, who had managed to replace himself with an ice decoy before being captured. Brycen then entered the museum and revealed a secret safe containing the Light Stone, whose presence Team Plasma had not been aware of. As the Light Stone rolled towards Black, Brycen realized that Reshiram had chosen him to be the Hero of Truth, and decided to take him to Skyarrow Bridge for a training session.

Pokémon used in the Gym

Stoutland is Lenora's first seen Pokémon that she has owned since it was a Lillipup. It was used in Lenora's battle against Black where it shocked the boy with its Roar attack that sent his Munna, Musha, back into his Poké Ball and later when it froze his Braviary, Brav, with a powerful Ice Fang attack.

Stoutland's known moves are Roar, Ice Fang, Take Down, and Last Resort, and its Ability is Intimidate.

Debut Wheeling and Dealing
Patrat is Lenora's second seen Pokémon. Patrat was used in Lenora's battle against Black when it was suddenly sent out by a Whirlwind from Brav and was quickly defeated by the Valiant Pokémon's Air Slash. Later, it was used to face the Shadow Triad in battle.

Patrat's only known move is Retaliate.

Debut Wheeling and Dealing


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