The Last Battle VI
The Last Battle VI
Chapter Gold, Silver & Crystal
Collected in Vol. 14
Round number 172
Location Ilex Forest
Indigo Plateau
Previous Round The Last Battle V
Next Round The Last Battle VII

The Last Battle VI (Japanese: 最終決戦VI The Last Battle VI) is the 172nd round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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The Masked Man, still on his way to Ilex Forest, tells Lugia and Ho-Oh to join Will and Karen at their destination. He lands on a mountainous area on his Delibird, and mutters to himself. He is heard by Gold, who has chased him all the way from the Indigo Plateau. The Masked Man taunts Gold over his previous defeats. Gold, now with his full team called out, throws a Focus Band to each of them, and retrieves all but Sudobo and Aibo.

Aibo, thrown forward by Sudobo, uses Agility around the Masked Man, who swats it away. The Masked Man then knocks Gold back, just as Gold is about to strike his four other Poké Balls with his cue. At the next moment, the Masked Man sees the Poké Balls roll towards him. Exbo, Polibo, Sunbo and Tibo pop out. Polibo grabs Delibird and makes a humming noise. The Masked Man goes for Polibo, but Sudobo, with Aibo's Agility transferred to it via Baton Pass holds him back. He calls Delibird for help, but notices that it has fainted along with Polibo due to the latter's Perish Song.

The Masked Man roars, and starts regenerating his lower body with ice. Gold gets Tibo to propel Sunbo skywards. Sunbo uses Sunny Day and evolves into a Sunflora. With a powered-up Flamethrower, Exbo melts away the Masked Man's lower body, and Gold gets the chance to pin him down and shatter his mask.

Back at the Indigo Plateau, Eusine's Clear Bell fully dissolves Suicune's crystal wall and is freed, along with Misty. Crystal runs up to greet Eusine. Suddenly, the Masked Man's lower body jumps towards them, but an alert Falkner tackles the body down. Falkner secures handcuffs around the body's ankles, and removes the body's black robe only to find that it is nothing but ice.

Knowing it can only be the person who wasn't trapped in the Magnet Train with them, Whitney trembles as she reveals who the Masked Man really is. At the same time, Gold finds out the Masked Man's true identity: the Mahogany Town Gym Leader, Pryce.

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