ニョたろう Nyotaro
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Gold's Politoed
Debuts in Murkrow Row
Caught at New Bark Town
Evolves in Ampharos Amore
Ampharos Amore
Gender Male
Ability Water Absorb
Nature Quiet
Traded in Ampharos Amore*
Original Trainer Gold
Traded for Silver's Seadra*
Current location With Gold
HOME060.png HOME061.png HOME186.png
This Pokémon spent 18 chapters as Poliwag and less than 1 chapter as Poliwhirl.

Polibo (Japanese: ニョたろう Nyotaro), known as Poltaro in Chuang Yi's translations, is a Politoed that Gold owns in Pokémon Adventures and his second Pokémon overall. As of All About Arceus V, he is at level 80 and his Characteristic is that he is "capable of taking hits."


Gold, Silver & Crystal arc

Polibo and Gold

Prior to the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc, Poliwag was a wild Pokémon that settled at Gold's home. Politoed first appeared as a Poliwag in Murkrow Row, as one of the family Pokémon at Gold's home that he grew up with. When the Team Rocket grunts stole Gold's backpack, containing the Poké Balls of his family Pokémon, Polibo's Poké Ball was washed away by the stream and ended up with a wild Granbull. In Teddiursa's Picnic, Gold found and defeated the Granbull and regained Polibo.

In You Ain't Nothin' but a Houndour, Gold had his first encounter with the Masked Man. His attempts to avoid him were ruined by Polibo being curious about his Gastly, resulting in Gold fighting him. Soon after the fight started Polibo was hit by Gastly's Shadow Ball, forcing Gold to run and hide.

In Gligar Glide, Polibo was seen training inside the Pokémon Day Care, defeating a Donphan. While he was there he saw a commemoration picture of Red's party after his victory over the Indigo League. He had hopes to evolving into a Poliwrath, just like how Poli turned out. After the training was over the Day Care Lady gave Gold and Polibo a King's Rock as a gift.

In Ampharos Amore, Gold and Silver become trapped under the collapsed Tin Tower. Silver tells Gold to send out his Water-type Pokémon because water will pull up underground water, which will allow them to escape. Gold sends out Polibo but the maximum amount of water that Polibo can use is too small. Polibo then evolves into Poliwhirl and Silver tells Gold to trade using the Pokédex. Gold trades him for Seadra just as the tower is completely filled with mud. Then, water shoots out of the tower, along with Silver, Gold, Croconaw, and Gold's evolved Politoed. After they escape Team Rocket appears and attacks the group. After a brief fight Gold tells Polibo to use Water Gun, but Polibo ignores him. Silver takes over and commands Polibo to attack their Piloswine, and with the power of liquefaction and Polibo's Whirlpool, Piloswine is defeated. Afterwards Silver trades Polibo back to Gold.

The King's Rock Polibo used to evolve

In Tyranitar War, Polibo is sent out to battle against Silver's Tyranitar, and attempts to attack with his advantageous water attacks, but is thwarted by Murkrow and beaten. Polibo is later used in Delibird Delivery - 1 to battle against the Masked Man again. Gold has Polibo use Dynamic Punch, but Polibo's hand becomes frozen in the process.

In Slick Slowking, Polibo battled against Sham and Carl. Polibo attacks with Hypnosis and manages to put his opponents to sleep, but is stopped when their Slowking and Magcargo continue to attack through Snore and Sleep Talk. Magcargo attacks with a powerful Fire attack and overwhelms Polibo, forcing Gold to recall him.

In The Last Battle VI, Polibo participated in Gold's last battle against the Masked Man. Knowing that Delibird was key to the Masked Man's strategy he had Polibo defeat it with a Perish Song, though this also took him out of the fight.

Emerald arc

Polibo and Poli

In The Final Battle VIII, Polibo joined forces with Red's Poli while battling against Guile Hideout. After saving Emerald and his Dusclops from Jirachi's Doom Desire attack, Poli used Double Team to confuse Guile Hideout so that Polibo could get a chance to sneak closer and attack. Although Guile Hideout tried to send his Walrein and Masquerain to attack the Tadpole and Frog Pokémon, they simply threw them away and attacked Guile Hideout directly, breaking his armor.

HeartGold & SoulSilver arc

Polibo in the Pokéathlon Power Course

In Out-Odding Oddish, Polibo participated in the Pokéathlon alongside Aibo and Exbo. They started with the Skill Course, which ended with the round Snow Throw. The team threw snowballs at their opponents, with Aibo creating a gigantic one to earn them enough points to win. The same three later entered into the Stamina Course and managed to win that one as well.

In the next chapter, the three entered the Power Course and went up against Koga, Bruno, and Will. They struggled against the Elite Four member's team in Circle Push and Goal Roll before entering the final match, Block Smash. In it, Gold faced Bruno and his Machamp as his final opponents. By having Aibo focus on critical hits against the blocks, the team was able to enter High Tension mode, allowing them to quickly catch up with Machamp's raw strength and win.

In One Tough Togepi, Gold sends out Polibo alongside his other Pokémon, save Togebo, to fight and distract Lance's Dragonite, who was going on a rampage. With Aibo and the others distracting the Dragon Pokémon, Togebo was able to finish the battle with a powerful Double-Edge.

In All About Arceus VIII, Polibo fought against Arceus. He attacks with a powerful Bounce, but fails to do any real damage.

Personality and characteristics

As a Poliwag, Polibo was an innocent and absent-minded individual, often getting into trouble by wandering away due to his curiosity. Polibo is also very high-spirited and gets excited when he accomplishes something. Despite being with Gold since childhood, Polibo had no hesitancy in ignoring Gold when he was under Silver's command, showing a strong sense of commitment. After evolving, Polibo became a very confident and powerful battler, being one of Gold's most trusted Pokémon.


As a Poliwag As a Poliwhirl

Moves used

Using Water Gun as a Poliwag
Using Brick Break
Move First Used In
Water Gun  How Do You Do, Sudowoodo?
Whirlpool Ampharos Amore
Double Slap Raise the Red Gyarados
Dynamic Punch Delibird Delivery - 1
Hypnosis Slick Slowking
Perish Song The Last Battle VI
Brick Break The Final Battle VIII
Bounce  All About Arceus VIII*
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Polibo, along with Kitty and Togebo, is tied for taking the least amount of time to evolve twice, taking less than 1 chapter.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ニョたろう Nyotaro From ニョロ~ Nyoro~ and ~たろう -tarō
English Polibo* From Poli~ and -bo
Poltaro* From Poli~ and -taro
French Ptiti From Ptitard
German Quppi From Quapsel
Italian Spiro From the spiral on its belly.
European Spanish Poltaro From Poli~ and -taro
Latin American Spanish Politaro From Poli~ and -taro
Korean 왕돌이 Wangdor-i From 왕구리 Wangguri and ~돌이 -dor-i
Chinese (Mandarin) 蛙太郎 Wātàiláng* From 牛蛙君 Niúwājūn and ~太郎 -tàiláng
蚊香太郎 Wénxiāngtàiláng* From 蚊香蝌蚪 Wénxiāngkēdǒu and ~太郎 -tàiláng
蚊太郎 Wéntàiláng* From 蚊香蝌蚪 Wénxiāngkēdǒu and ~太郎 -tàiláng
牛蛙太郎 Niúwātàiláng* From 牛蛙君 Niúwājūn and ~太郎 -tàiláng
Chinese (Cantonese) 蛙太郎 Wātaailòhng From 牛蛙君 Ngàuhwāgwān and ~太郎 -taailòhng
Czech Polčák From Poli~ and -ák
Brazilian Portuguese Poliplom From Poli~ and -plom
Vietnamese Nyotarou Transliteration of his Japanese name

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