Silver's Weavile

Silver's Weavile
シルバーのマニューラ Silver's Manyula
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Silver's Weavile
Debuts in Who Gives a Hoothoot?
Caught at Unknown
Evolves in Dealing With A Koffing Fit
Gender Male
Ability Inner Focus*
Nature Quirky
Current location With Silver
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This Pokémon spent 353 chapters as Sneasel.

Silver's Weavile (Japanese: シルバーのマニューラ Silver's Manyula) is a Pokémon that Silver owns in Pokémon Adventures and is his first Pokémon, given to him by his father Giovanni. As of All About Arceus III, he is at level 84 and his Characteristic is that he "likes to fight."


Gold, Silver & Crystal arc

As a Sneasel

Weavile has been with Silver since childhood, when he was a Sneasel and was given to Silver by his father. He was one of two Pokémon Silver was known to have while he lived with the Masked Man, and was with him when he was captured. Sneasel would eventually help Silver and Green escape from the Masked Man, allowing them to start a new life.

Sneasel first showed up at the end of Who Gives a Hoothoot? alongside Silver, getting ready to steal one of Professor Elm's Pokémon. In the next chapter Sneasel battled Aibo in an attempt to keep Gold from taking Professor Elm's Totodile back. Aibo attacked with Scratch and Sneasel blocked it with Protect. Gold then recalled Aibo and used his billiard cue to shoot Aibo behind Sneasel, landing a direct hit. After the two escaped Sneasel fought some Team Rocket Grunts, defeating one of their Elekid.

In Tyranitar War, Sneasel battled Gold and his Sunbo. Sneasel freezes the seed Pokémon with Blizzard to keep her from supporting Exbo with Sunny Day. Sneasel manages to dodge Exbo's Ember attacks, which makes Gold switch out for Sudobo. Sudobo gets the upper hand by attacking with super-effective Fighting-type moves, forcing Silver to recall him.

Sneasel battling the Masked Man

In Delibird Delivery - 1, Sneasel fought the Masked Man. He and Exbo attack his Delibird and manage to put some distance between the Masked Man and their Trainers. The Masked Man then sends out Ariados and Houndour and Sneasel and Exbo attack with Flame Wheel and Icy Wind. The two Pokémon of the villain's suddenly disappear, and Gold, Sneasel, and Exbo are hit by a minor surprise attack afterwards. The Masked Man then suddenly appears beside Silver, and taunts him by mockingly asking if Green survived when they made their escape, angering him. Losing his cool, Silver commands a Quick Attack from Sneasel, but neither it nor a Rock Smash succeed in even touching him. The Masked Man soon flees and Silver gives chase, but he and his Pokémon are defeated.

In Playful Porygon2, Sneasel fought Blue's Porygon2 before they were interrupted by Entei. In The Last Battle XI, Sneasel battled alongside Silver's other Pokémon to defeat Will by attacking with Beat Up.

FireRed & LeafGreen arc

In Secrets from Sneasel, Silver and Sneasel arrive in their hometown Viridian City. Due to being back Sneasel's memories of the kidnapping begin to faintly come back, and with Yellow's help they manage to recover most of it, which helps Silver figure out who his father is.

HeartGold & SoulSilver arc

The Razor Claw Sneasel used to evolve
Weavlile attacking the Gym Leaders

In Dealing With A Koffing Fit, Silver arrives at Lance's secret hideout and is soon attacked by a group of Petrel's Koffing. Sneasel and the rest of Silver's team manage to drive them off with Sneasel stealing a Plate that one was holding. Soon after Sneasel and Murkrow evolve into Weavile and Honchkrow due to the Razor Claw and Dusk Stone that were given to them by Green.

In Weavile Wobbles But It Won't Fall Down, Weavile battled Petrel. Silver had Weavile freeze Petrel's Koffing's vents with Icy Wind to block off it's poisonous gas, but Petrel states that enough of the gas has already been released. Within the gas Petrel's Raticate strikes Weavile with Hyper Fang and destroys the rope bridge that the group is standing on. Gyarados manages to save them and Weavile goes and holds Petrel at claw-point. Due to his disguise abilities Weavile lets his guard down and Petrel escapes, but not before his Plates are stolen.

In Raising the Stakes with Rhyperior, Weavile battled the Johto Gym Leaders Falkner, Bugsy, and Chuck. Weavile easily defeats Falkner's Noctowl and Bugsy's Kakuna, but was taken down by a Triple Kick from Chuck's Hitmontop. In All About Arceus III, Weavile managed to collect all 16 Plates for Silver with help from wild Sneasel and Weavile.

In All About Arceus IV, Weavile fought Petrel's Golbat, which was a distraction from Team Rocket so that Archer could remain uninterrupted during Arceus's enshrining process at the Sinjoh Ruins.

In All About Arceus VIII, Weavile participated in the battle at the Sinjoh Ruins. Weavile is seen using Assurance to attack Giratina.

Personality and characteristics

Weavile and Silver

Being with Silver since their childhood, Weavile has a strong relationship with him and cares deeply for him. He is seen alongside him very frequently, often even out of his Poké Ball. Weavile is quick witted and very powerful, often using his speed and cunning nature to outmaneuver his opponents. Like Silver, Weavile can become very dedicated and serious when the situation calls for it.

Moves used

Using Icy Wind
Using Quick Attack as a Sneasel
Move First Used In
Icy Wind  Sneasel Sneak Attack
Protect Sneasel Sneak Attack
Feint Attack Elekid Incorporated
Blizzard Tyranitar War
Quick Attack Delibird Delivery - 2
Rock Smash Delibird Delivery - 2
Thief  Heckled by Hitmontop
Beat Up The Last Battle XI
Assurance  All About Arceus VIII
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • In the VIZ Media edition of Pokémon Adventures volume 41, Weavile, along with Honchkrow, are mistakenly labeled as females.
  • At level 84, Weavile is the highest leveled Pokémon belonging to Silver.

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For more information on this Pokémon's species, see Sneasel and Weavile.

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