PS334 : The Final Battle VII
Emerald arc
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The Final Battle VIII
Triple × Triple
The Final Battle VIII
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 335 in Vol. 29
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 335 in Vol. 29
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Battle Tower

The Final Battle VIII (Japanese: 大決戦VII The Final Battle VII), titled The Final Showdown VIII in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 335th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 33rd chapter of the Emerald arc. It is subtitled Triple × Triple (Japanese: トリプルXトリプル Triple X Triple) in the VIZ Media translation and Triple X Triple in the Chuang Yi translation.


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Guile Hideout is surrounded by clones of Poli created by Double Team. While he attempts to find out the real one, Polibo suddenly appears in front of Guile. Polibo delivers an attack, knocking Guile to the ground. Red and Gold reveal that the strategy was one that they practiced on Mt. Silver. Angered, Guile sends out his Walrein to attack along with his Surskit. His Surskit immediately evolves into Masquerain, but it and Walrein are stopped by Poli and Polibo, who proceed to toss them onto the ground. Poli and Polibo quickly leap into the air and deliver a powerful chop at Guile.

The attacks causes Guile's armor to break and fall off, revealing a shocked Archie underneath. Gold mocks Archie and asks if the others are ready. Ruby, Sapphire, Yellow, Green, Silver, and Blue all stand in a line with their Pokémon. Although they lined up like Gold instructed, Ruby and Sapphire wonder how they will get the monster Kyogre out of the water. Gold reveals that his Pibu is working with Red's Pika and Yellow's Chuchu to lure the Kyogre out by shocking the water repeatedly. The attack works, and the monster Kyogre leaps out of the water, knocking Pibu, Pika, and Chuchu away.

Ruby and Sapphire pull Red and Gold up to help, but Archie grabs Gold and tells him that he won't get away. He states that even though they managed to beat the rental Pokémon from the Battle Tower, he will just gather the rest to attack. Emerald dares him to do it, as he claims that none of them will listen to him anyway. Emerald reveals that while Archie was distracted, he covered the entire Battle Frontier in his E Shooter's formation. Outside the Battle Frontier, Latias, Latios, Scott, and Todd Snap all surround the entire area with the formation.

Gold drops Archie by revealing that he was holding one of Emerald's fake hands the entire time. Gold and Emerald climb to the top of the Battle Tower and prepare to attack the monster Kyogre. Silver, Ruby, and Green command Feraligatr, Mumu, and Blasty to use Hydro Cannon. Blue, Sapphire, and Gold have Charizard, Chic, and Exbo attack with Blast Burn. Lastly, Red, Crystal, and Emerald have Saur, Megaree, and Sceptile use Frenzy Plant.

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PS334 : The Final Battle VII
Emerald arc
PS336 : The Final Battle IX
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