Galarica Twig

Galarica Twig (Japanese: ガラナツのえだ Galanut Branch) is a type of item introduced in Generation VIII.

Galarica Twig
Galanut Branch
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Galarica Twig
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Introduced in Generation VIII
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Power 30

In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price
SwSh N/A  10


On the Isle of Armor, eight Galarica Twigs can be given to a woman on a small island in the Workout Sea in exchange for a Galarica Cuff.

In the Crown Tundra, fifteen Galarica Twigs can be given to a woman within the Roaring-Sea Caves in exchange for a Galarica Wreath.


Games Description
SwSh A twig from a species of tree called Galarica that grows in certain areas around the Galar region. It's a material for an accessory for a certain Pokémon.


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Games Finite methods Repeatable methods
SwShIoA Fields of Honor, Soothing Wetlands, Loop Lagoon, Workout Sea, Stepping-Stone Sea, Insular Sea
SwShCT Roaring-Sea Caves, Ballimere Lake

In the anime

Galarica nuts in the anime

Galarica nuts appeared in An Evolution in Taste!. A Galarian Slowking leading a group of Galarian Slowpoke and Slowbro brought some of them to Slowpoke Island in order to make friends with the local Slowpoke and their evolutions. It also gave some Galarica seeds to Ash and Goh, who found them tasty, despite their spiciness. By the end of the episode, Galarian Slowking's Galarica curry was combined with Slowpoke Island's Slowking's udon to create a dish that both kinds of Slowpoke enjoyed, and a Galarica tree was planted on Slowpoke Island to commemorate their friendship.

Pokédex entries

Episode Subject Source Entry
JN097 Galarica seeds Goh's Rotom Phone Seeds from a Galarica tree, a favorite of Galarian Slowpoke.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 伽勒荳蔻枝 Gālahkdauhkau Jī
Mandarin 伽勒荳蔻枝 / 伽勒豆蔻枝 Jiālèdòukòu Zhī
  French Branche Galanoa
  German Galarnuss-Zweig
  Italian Ramo Galarnoce
  Korean 가라두구가지 Galadugu Gaji
  Polish Gałązka Galaryki
  Spanish Rama de Galanuez

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