Wishing Piece

Not to be confused with Wishing Star or Wishing Stone.

A Wishing Piece (Japanese: ねがいのかたまり Wishing Clump) is an item introduced in Generation VIII.

Wishing Piece
Wishing Clump
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Wishing Piece
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Introduced in Generation VIII
Generation VIII Bag Other Items SwSh pocket icon.png Other Items
Power 50

In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price
SwSh N/A  10


A Wishing Piece can be thrown into an inactive Pokémon Den (except the giant den in the Watchtower Ruins) in the Wild Area in order to enable a Max Raid Battle at said den.


Games Description
SwSh Throw one into a Pokémon Den to attract a wild Dynamax Pokémon.


Games Finite methods Repeatable methods
SwSh All Watt Traders (3,000 W)
Dappled Grove, Motostoke Riverbank, Bridge Field (Digging Duo), Wyndon Stadium
Wild Area (100-Watt gifts)
SwShIA Hidden recurring item (Brawlers' Cave, Courageous Cavern, Potbottom Desert)
Cram-o-matic (All types except Normal and Psychic: 42-50 points)
Cram-o-matic (Rock: 92-100 points)
SwShCT Max Lair (Dynite Ore trader)
Snowslide Slope Watt Trader (3,000 W)
Hidden recurring item (Freezington, Snowslide Slope, Crown Shrine, Frigid Sea, Ballimere Lake, Dyna Tree Hill)

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 許願星塊 Héuiyuhn Sīngfaai
Mandarin 許願星塊 / 许愿星块 Xǔyuàn Xīngkuài
  French Morceau Vœu
  German Wunschbrocken
  Italian Desioblocco
  Korean 소원의덩어리 Sowon-ui Deong-eori
  Spanish Trozo Deseo

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