Galar particle

Galar particles (Japanese: ガラル粒子(りゅうし) Galar particle) are a form of energy found in the Galar region. This energy is related to the Dynamax phenomenon. It works independently from Dynamax and Max Moves but is otherwise uncontrollable without the use of a Dynamax Band.

Eternatus absorbing Galar particles

In the core series games

History and effects

Galar particles are the primary source of energy in the Galar region, absorbed by Hammerlocke Stadium's tower and converted into electricity at the Energy Plant. They are produced in virtually infinite amounts by the Legendary Pokémon Eternatus in its Eternamax form. The Pokémon's origins are unknown; however, it landed on the Pokémon world in the Galar region about 20,000 years ago, within a meteor. It remained slumbering for 17,000 years before awakening and starting an event known as the Darkest Day.

During the Darkest Day, the Galar region was covered in a great storm, spreading Galar particles all over it and causing Pokémon to Dynamax or Gigantamax at random and go berserk. It was eventually stopped by the legendary heroes and two youths, who together defeated Eternatus and forced it back into another slumber, this time for 3000 years. Its defeat caused pieces of its body to break away and rain down all over Galar in the form of Wishing Pieces and Stars, filling the whole region's air with Galar particles. Additionally, after being defeated, Eternatus was greatly weakened and lost Eternamax, forcing it absorb the particles in the air of Galar to remain active. However, by absorbing all the particles in the region at once will allow Eternatus to regain its true power and appearance.

In the modern day, Rose re-awakened Eternatus with the intent of having it create more Galar particles, so the Galar region would not run out of particles to convert to energy. However, he was unable to control Eternatus, and like the first Darkest Day, this caused Pokémon across the region to Dynamax or Gigantamax uncontrollably. Through the combined efforts of Leon, Hop, the player, and the legendary heroes, Eternatus was defeated and caught by the player, and the levels of Galar particles returned to normal.

The first Darkest Day resulted in the creation of Power Spots, locations that contain a high concentration of Galar particles, where Trainers can trigger the Dynamax transformation through the use of a Dynamax Band. These locations can be pinpointed by Sonia's Power Spot detector. Due to the large amount of Galar particles inside the Max Lair in the Crown Tundra, those who enter aren't allowed to use their own Pokémon, but instead must choose a rental Pokémon that is resistant to the particles' effects. Peonia claims the amount of Galar particles in it is due to a giant Wishing Star that landed there a long time ago, which may or may not be the meteor on which Eternatus arrived in.

The Galar particles have been shown to somehow affect items such as food over time, such as Dynamax Candies, Gigantamix, Max Mushrooms, Max Soup, and Max Honey.

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Like with Mega Evolution and Z-Moves, sync stones allow sync pairs to use Dynamax or Gigantamax without the need of a Dynamax Band. While not directly stated that this transformation is caused by Galar particles, it only began to occur on Pasio after Eternatus (who creates Galar particles) came to the island.[1]

Sonia's "Dynamax Sync Pair Power Spot Detector" detects spots where Galar particles are showing increased activity, and can be used to locate Pokémon on the verge of Dynamaxing.[2]

In the anime

The origin of Galar particles in the anime are the exact same as in the games.

Eternatus was given its name by Rose as an indication of the infinite amounts of Galar particles it could produce. Rose worked for years with Professor Magnolia on the Galar particles, eventually resulting in the creation of the Dynamax Band, but Rose had his own sinister goals for the phenomena, which prompted Professor Magnolia to end their partnership.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Sword & Shield arc

Galar particles were first mentioned by Rose in Splish Splash!! Gigantamax Battle as one of the mysteries surrounding Dynamax. He was interested in finding the connection between Dynamaxing, Power Spots, and Galar particles, and he recommended that Sonia visit the vault in Hammerlocke to see if she can figure out anything.

In Thump!! The Gazing Sage, Casey explained that the tower atop Hammerlocke Stadium absorbs Galar particles, the Energy Plant converts the Galar particles into electricity, and then the electricity is distributed across the Galar region. In Stealth!! Infiltrate the Energy Plant, Rose said that they were going to run out of Galar particles in a thousand years, which would cause a blackout and could lead to the end of the Galar region as they know it. He couldn't just sit around and do nothing when he knew there's a crisis in the future, so he had been researching ways to secure electricity without the use of Galar particles.

In Crunch!! Snowy Battle, Gordie said that Galar particles were detected throughout Hammerlocke during the incident where Marvin's Dracovish Dynamaxed, so the Dynamax phenomenon could have occurred all over the city. In Rumble!! The Horrific Darkest Day, Henry paraphrased this comment as there being Power Spots all around Hammerlocke.

In PASS43, Casey revealed to Henry, Marvin, Professor Magnolia, Sonia, and Leon that, based on the data that Rose had gathered, Galar's supply of Galar particles had already started to run out before the Darkest Day had begun. Moreover, the energy crisis that Rose had foreseen would've started to occur and caused the Galarian society to collapse within decades, and it would have wiped out all humans and Pokémon within a few centuries, instead of the thousand years that Rose had spoken of, explaining why he had been in such a rush to do something.



  1. Professor Sycamore: "But I think that might change now that Eternatus is here. With Eternatus around, I believe there's a chance other Pokémon might start to Dynamax!" (Pokémon Masters EX, Howling Shield of Eternity)
  2. Sonia: "It detects spots where Galar particles are showing increased activity. other words, it's able to find Pokémon that are on the verge of Dynamaxing!" (Pokémon Masters EX, Johto: Team Rocket's Revival)

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 伽勒爾粒子 Gālahkyíh lāpjí
Mandarin 伽勒爾粒子 / 伽勒尔粒子 Jiālè'ěr lìzǐ
  Czech Galarská částice
  Finnish Galar-hiukkanen
  French Galarion
  German Galar-Partikel
  Italian Particella Galar
  Korean 가라르파티클 Galar particle
  Portuguese Partícula de Galar
  Spanish Partícula Galar

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