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Carmonte Island カルモンテ島
Carmonte Island
Carmonte Island.png
Introduction Pokémon Duel
Professor None
Starter Pokémon N/A
Regional Villains Roger Family
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Carmonte Island (Japanese: カルモンテ島 Carmonte Island) is the setting of Pokémon Duel and the site of the Pokémon Figure Games World Tournament.


Carmonte Island is an artificial island housing a city of resorts, as well as many other state-of-the-art facilities such as the Training Center, an airport, and a harbor. Ten luxury hotels consecutively line up in a row, leading all the way to symbol of the island—Jewel Tower.


Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese カルモンテ島 Carmonte Island Possibly from Monte Carlo, a region famed for its resorts and casinos
English Carmonte Island Same as Japanese name

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