Pokémon Island

Pokémon Island (Japanese: ポケモンアイランド Pokémon Island) is a little-known volcanic island that is the setting of Pokémon Snap.

Pokémon Island artwork



At some point in its recent history, humans inhabited Pokémon Island. Many human-made structures and objects remain scattered across its landscape, most notably a decommissioned power plant. Now, however, the only inhabitants are the many different species of wild Pokémon, and in the absence of humankind, their population has flourished, and nature is slowly reclaiming the land.

According to the Pokémon Snap novel, Professor Oak has specifically designated the island as a sanctuary for wild Pokémon; due to its isolation, it is an ideal environment to observe how wild Pokémon act naturally, with little human interference. Pokémon Trainers are unable to set foot on the island, most likely to preserve its natural order; in fact, very few humans receive permission to visit the island.

Within Pokémon Island exist six different ecosystems, making the island an ideal habitat for an assortment of diverse Pokémon. Several rare species also dwell on this island, such as the three legendary birds and Mew. Six Pokémon constellations are also visible in the sky above the island. Professor Oak theorizes that Mew created the signs in each of the six main areas of the island that resemble these constellations.

Professor Oak hires Todd Snap to take photographs of all the Pokémon on the island. Todd does such using the ZERO-ONE, a camera, and several other gadgets.

Notable locations

Pokémon Island in-game
Icon Name Description
  Beach An easy path along a sunny beach.
It is home to twelve species of Pokémon.
  Tunnel A dark tunnel with an abandoned power plant inside.
It is home to twelve species of Pokémon.
  Volcano A path through a volcanic area.
It is home to ten species of Pokémon.
  River A calm river through a forest.
It is home to twelve species of Pokémon.
  Cave A deep, dark cave.
It is home to thirteen species of Pokémon.
  Valley A canyon valley with a rapid river running through it.
It is home to thirteen species of Pokémon.
  Rainbow Cloud A secret area high above Pokémon Island.
Mew is the only Pokémon found here.

In the manga

Pokémon Island in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Emerald arc

Pokémon Island was mentioned by Professor Oak in Epilogue, where he requested Todd Snap to go to the island and take pictures of the wild Pokémon living there.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Île Pokémon
  German Pokémon Island
  Italian Isola Pokémon
  Spanish Isla Pokémon

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