Pokémon constellation

Pokémon constellations appear multiple times in the Pokémon games and anime. Currently, no star charts or lore exist for constellations in the Pokémon world.

In the games

Pokémon Snap

Six Pokémon signs appear on Pokémon Island, and each has a corresponding constellation. Professor Oak draws the connection between the signs and the constellations, and thus forms the theory that the rarest Pokémon, Mew, can be found up in the sky with the constellations on Rainbow Cloud.

The inclusion of Mewtwo as a constellation does not correspond with Mewtwo's role in other games, as Mewtwo was created relatively recently in the game timeline and is not widely known. However, this oversight is generally overlooked.

Pokémon Channel

When visiting Camp Starlight during clear weather, there is the option to stargaze. The constellations in the game are the same as those noted below in Jirachi: Wish Maker, which was released in Japan a week before this game. Pressing A when a constellation is selected provides information about each one.

  • The Teddiursa Constellation consists of seven stars. It is said that if a crescent moon were to shine on Teddiursa's forehead, those who saw it would enjoy terrific dreams.
  • The Ursaring Constellation is composed of seven brilliant stars. It has been long adored as one of the constellations of the springtime.
  • The Milotic Constellation encircles the Teddiursa Constellation as if it were providing comfort. It casts its beautiful glow in the northern night sky all year round.
  • The Seviper bearer Constellation boldly claims a spot beside the Gligar Constellation as its own. The Bearer keeps a firm and unbreakable grip on Seviper's head and tail.
  • Gligar is a star constellation that is renowned for decorating the sky on summer night. Connect the stars arranged in an "S" shape, and a Gligar appears.
  • This star constellation [The Kyogre Constellation] crosses the Milky Way as if it were Kyogre moving across the starry sky. It is an impressive summertime sight.
  • The Gardevoir Constellation is the second largest among the night's star formations. Its elegant appearance is sure to impress all that see it.
  • The Pikachu Star is one that glitters brightly in the skies on summer nights. The Pikachu Star is always smiling near the Gardevoir Constellation.

In the anime

A Friend in Deed

In this episode, Ash and Ritchie stargaze as they camp out. They point out a few constellations, but they seem to create their own instead of locating existing constellations.

Jirachi: Wish Maker

During the credits, once the second verse of the ending theme begins, Ash, Max, May and Brock begin pointing out constellations in the sky. These appear to be Pokémon world equivalents of real constellations (with the exception of Pikachu, which is shown as the equivalent of a single star).

The Road to Humilau!

Two constellations were seen in this episode and helped Ash and Cameron to find north which was the direction of Humilau City.

Go, Go Gogoat!

The Braviary constellation is seen in this episode, when Tony decides to show the drawing of his father's favorite constellation. This constellation in shape resembles Brocchi's Cluster, also called "Coathanger".

Showering the World with Love!

Lillie and Lana point out constellations of Ninetales and Rayquaza. Ash identifies constellations of Pikachu and Poipole, but Kiawe says he's never heard of those ones and Ash admits he's just making his own. The Pikachu constellation is different from the one seen in Jirachi: Wish Maker.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Black 2 & White 2 arc

Constellations were mentioned in The Transfer Student when Whitley informed the class that she likes to stargaze, and especially likes to look at the constellation of Gothorita.


In TCG merchandise for Sun and Moon series there's "Look Upon the Stars" Playmat and Sleeves with Pokémon constellations that correspond to real constellations:

Mentioned only

The names of the Litleonid meteor shower and the (Japanese: ヌイコグマ座流星群 Nuikoguma meteor shower) from Living on the Cutting Edge! imply that Litleo and Stufful constellations exist, respectively.


  • Gothorita arranges stones in shape of constellations and Gothitelle can predict future from the position of the stars according to Pokédex.
  • The Unovan horoscope consists of 12 zodiacs which are based on the real western zodiacs and their corresponding constellations.
  • The names of trainers at Wyndon Stadium that compete in Champion tournaments refer to real world stars and constellations.

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