Parallel Worlds (TCG)

Parallel Worlds
The worlds as seen in the Parallel City card.

The Parallel Worlds (as named in booster pack descriptions) are a pair of worlds introduced and explored exclusively in the Pokémon Trading Card Game during the XY Series.


A crowd cheers Mega Alakazam.

From various pieces of information and artwork in TCG products, in addition to interviews with game director Atsushi Nagashima[1][2], it can be determined that these areas are similar due to being from separate timelines. At some point, several rifts in space revealed the existence of the opposing worlds to each other: the "nature" and "technology" sides as seen in the BREAKthrough, BREAKpoint and Fates Collide expansions. These worlds were at the brink of merging against each other, creating a struggle between Pokémon from both sides. This could be related to Giovanni, as the Giovanni's Scheme card has the two color schemes of the Parallel City card. In Fates Collide, however, the struggle is replaced with themes of unification through Mega Alakazam's future vision and the enforcement of order by Zygarde and other Pokémon.


While one world's lifestyle focused on ruralism and rustic architecture, the other focused in urbanism and the foundation of modern buildings, even expanding to previously arid lands. There is a similar city in these worlds on the shore of an ocean, both having an island portion connected to the mainland by a series of bridges. A giant tree exists in the "nature" world's island, while a group of skyscrapers is in its place on the "urban" counterpart. After the rifts, some areas of these worlds featured portals which could be crossed through, the regions artistically seen on the Stadium cards as being upside down from the opposing world's point of view. The Chaos Tower in Fates Collide appears to be the fallout of the merged areas: a single world/city where buildings and nature blended on eachother, creating a mix of the two worlds' styles.


This listing is of Stadium cards featuring the parallel worlds.

Parallel Worlds
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Parallel City St BREAKthrough   145/162 Blue Shock   058/059
      The Best of XY   159/171
Reverse Valley St BREAKpoint   110/122 Rage of the Broken Heavens   079/080
      The Best of XY   161/171
Chaos Tower St Fates Collide   94/124 Awakening Psychic King   078/078

These locations were also featured on the artwork of many Pokémon released along with these cards: Blue Shock focused on Pokémon from the "nature" world and Red Flash focused on Pokémon from the "technology world". Rage of the Broken Heavens focused on both worlds outside of the urban areas, and Awakening Psychic King featured Pokémon in the merged worlds. Two Mewtwo promo cards with artwork from each opposing world were also printed.






Aerial view of the "nature" world Close view at the "nature" world's buildings Aerial view of the "technology" world Marowak witnesses a clash between Mewtwo





A portal between the twin worlds Aerial view of the merged worlds A river that has been merged with a roadway Artwork for Awakening Psychic King


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