Slowking's Day

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Slowking's Day
Slowking Day.png
Yadoking's Day
First broadcast
Japan January 1, 2000
United States Unaired
English themes
Opening N/A
Japanese themes
Opening None
Ending None
Assistant director
Animation director
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(Japanese: ヤドキングのいちにち Yadoking's Day) is an anime short about three minutes long. It was first broadcast in Japan on TV Tokyo on January 1, 2000, and was never released outside of Japan, likely due to its short length.

The special is based on the life of the Slowking that was featured in The Power of One. Slowking's life on Shamouti Island is very simple and carefree. It was intended to be an extra for The Power of One.


The short describes a day in the life of Slowking. It starts when Slowking wakes up at dawn in his cave overlooking the three small islands close to Shamouti Island. Slowking goes down to the beach and uses his psychic abilities to grab a coconut for breakfast, opening it by banging it on the shell on his head. He then takes a walk around the shrine where the climactic scene of The Power of One took place, and stops to smell the flowers that surround it on the cliff. Yawning, Slowking then crawls onto a rock in the middle of the flower field and takes an afternoon nap. After a while, a Butterfree passes by as Slowking wakes up. Commenting on how good the weather is, Slowking walks to the edge of the cliff, stretches, and jumps into the ocean to swim. In the water, he meets and greets his good friend, a Seel. Eventually Slowking leaves the ocean with a lot of seafood, and eats it while sitting on the cliff and watching the sunset. As many stars shine in the sky, Slowking returns to his cave and falls asleep.




  • This short aired on the same day as EP128 in Japan.
  • The Orange Archipelago map shows the three smaller islands to be southeast of the main island. However, in this short, both the sunrise (which is supposed to be in the east) and the sunset (which is supposed to be in the west) are shown to be beyond the three smaller islands when viewed from the main island.

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