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Release date July 30, 1999
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The Intro Pack (Japanese: イントロパック Intro Pack) is a Japan-exclusive Half Deck collection for the Pokémon Trading Card Game.


This Half Deck set was conceived to introduce youngsters to the TCG, and includes a step-by-step introduction video with full explanations on how to play the game, as well as play demonstrations. The cards included in the set are predominantly a mixture of those from the Expansion Pack and the Vending Machine collection. Some cards from the first Neo expansion, Gold, Silver, to a New World... were also included several months before the general release of the expansion. There are also a number of exclusive cards with newly created character art.

Despite the fact that numbering systems were not fully introduced until Base Expansion Pack, these cards have their own system. Instead of displaying the numbers ##/## as with all English expansions and later Japanese expansions, these cards have a number inside a circle. Those found in the Bulbasaur Deck have a white number in a black circle, while the cards in the Squirtle Deck have a black number in a white circle. The only exceptions to this are the two Holofoil cards Venusaur and Blastoise, which have no number.

In addition to the two decks and introduction video, the set contains a rulebook, damage counters, two poison status counters, a custom coin, and playmat.


  • This set is more colloquially known as the Video Intro Set, due to the inclusion of the introduction video. This is the only TCG product to include a video cassette, with later introductory products including either CD-ROMs or DVDs.
  • The introduction video is presented by Thane Camus, who was a popular TV personality in Japan at the time.
  • None of the cards have Rarity symbols (as is the case with the majority of Japanese cards from fixed sets), making the reprinted cards much more valuable than their normal counterparts.
    • Despite this, in Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!, exclusive cards from this set were given rarity symbols. This was done to facilitate the normal pack logic that is used by the game, thus allowing the cards to come up at appropriate rarity within the game.

Deck lists

Bulbasaur Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
1 Bulbasaur  
2 Drowzee  
3 Raichu  
4 Grass Energy   E
5 Grass Energy   E
6 Lightning Energy   E
7 Potion T
8 Grass Energy   E
9 Super Scoop Up T
10 Lightning Energy   E
11 Grass Energy   E
12 Lightning Energy   E
13 Pikachu  
14 Lightning Energy   E
15 Grass Energy   E
16 Meowth  
17 Lightning Energy   E
18 Bulbasaur  
19 Switch T
20 Bill's Teleporter T
21 Grass Energy   E
22 Ivysaur  
23 Double Colorless Energy   E
24 Psychic Energy   E
25 Grass Energy   E
26 Electabuzz  
27 Psychic Energy   E
28 Gust of Wind T
29 Bulbasaur  
30 Doduo  
31 Psychic Energy   E
32 Ivysaur  
33 Lightning Energy   E
34 Grass Energy   E
35 Bulbasaur  
36 Grass Energy   E
37 Jynx  
38 Psychic Energy   E
39 Koffing  
40 Pikachu  

Squirtle Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
1 Growlithe  
2 Diglett  
3 Wartortle  
4 Fire Energy   E
5 Water Energy   E
6 Water Energy   E
7 Full Heal T
8 Fire Energy   E
9 Poliwag  
10 Wartortle  
11 Fire Energy   E
12 Fighting Energy   E
13 Spearow  
14 Jigglypuff  
15 Fighting Energy   E
16 Squirtle  
17 Fighting Energy   E
18 Squirtle  
19 Energy Removal T
20 Water Energy   E
21 Bill's Teleporter T
22 Water Energy   E
23 Water Energy   E
24 Potion T
25 Double Colorless Energy   E
26 Growlithe  
27 Water Energy   E
28 Fire Energy   E
29 Super Scoop Up T
30 Water Energy   E
31 Fire Energy   E
32 Arcanine  
33 Fire Energy   E
34 Fighting Energy   E
35 Machop  
36 Water Energy   E
37 Squirtle  
38 Water Energy   E
39 Magmar  
40 Squirtle  

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