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Expansion Team Rocket
Types used PsychicGrass
Coin Wizards Silver Meowth Coin.png

The Trouble Theme Deck from the Team Rocket expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game predominantly focuses on Psychic and Grass type Pokémon. Like other Theme Decks, Trouble includes a rulebook, damage counters, a custom coin, and card list.



Play the "Trouble" preconstructed theme deck and become a mischievous Team Rocket Master! Your goal is to overwhelm opponents with trickery and a powerful army of Dark Pokémon. Use every trick up your sleeve to defeat the forces of goodness, and put Team Rocket in its rightful place as leader of the Pokémon Trainers!

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Abra Psychic Common
Abra Psychic Common
Kadabra Psychic Uncommon
Dark Kadabra Psychic Uncommon
Gastly Psychic Common
Haunter Psychic Uncommon
Drowzee Psychic Common
Jynx Psychic Uncommon
Weedle Grass Common
Ekans Grass Common
Dark Arbok Grass Rare Holo
Meowth Colorless Common
Farfetch'd Colorless Uncommon
Bill T Common
Gust of Wind T Common
Potion T Common
Switch T Common
The Boss's Way T Uncommon
18× Psychic Energy Psychic E
10× Grass Energy Grass E
Full Heal Energy Colorless E


  • The name of the Theme Deck comes from a part of Jessie, James, and Meowth's motto: Prepare for trouble.

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