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O3 BodyGuard Deck.jpg
Expansion Fossil
Types used GrassFighting
Coin Wizards Brown Aerodactyl Coin.png

The BodyGuard Theme Deck from the Fossil expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game predominantly focuses on Grass and Fighting type Pokémon. Like other Theme Decks, BodyGuard includes a rulebook, damage counters, a custom coin, and card list.


The "Bodyguard" deck is bursting with tough Pokémon who can take any punishment that comes their way.

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Bulbasaur Grass Common
Zubat Grass Common
Golbat Grass Uncommon
Grimer Grass Common
Muk Grass Rare Holo
Koffing Grass Common
Geodude Fighting Common
Graveler Fighting Uncommon
Onix Fighting Common
Pokémon Center T Uncommon
Potion T Common
Professor Oak T Uncommon
Super Potion T Uncommon
16× Grass Energy Grass E
12× Fighting Energy Fighting E

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